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Monday, June 23, 2014

weekend recap

the weekends go by way too fast. i'm totally jealous of people who are off on either friday or monday, but they probably feel like the weekends go really fast too.
the weekend started a couple of hours early with an after work work party. my boss is moving to another program so we had a farewell party for her.
the cake was supposed to honor her legacy of always fighting for us to have the funding we need, etc. but there was a little perfectly hilarious mix up at the bakery
i met camille at the az blogger meetup, and i was excited when she told me she was coming town. we met up friday evening for dinner. dinner turned into dessert which turned into hours and hours of blog talk and chit chat. i loved every minute of it.
amberly, camille, me

i woke up saturday morning with every intention of running, but after coughing my head off all night long i decided it probably wasn't a great idea. missing a saturday run is pretty detrimental to my once a week training mentality.
i went up to park city to help the martin fam (my adopted utah family) take family pictures. they wanted me to come help get all 19 kids to look at the camera which actually happened. i love that family so much, and i was happy to help them and spend the evening with their family.
i am the worst sick person. i know everyone hates being sick, but i am so bad at it. even though i slept in a little on sunday, i woke up feeling like i got run over by a truck. i'm not very good at slowing down and trying to get better. luckily my church is a little later so i had some time to rest.
laurann invited a few people over to watch the usa vs portugal soccer game, eat some waffles from her new waffle business (flippin waffles), and paint our nails. the game obviously had some exciting moments, but overall it was a low key, fun day.
how was your weekend? anything exciting happen?
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  1. Fun weekend! Love the cake, lol.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Ah, I love this post!!! The Martin's, the funny cake that I now get to see a picture of, and our hours and hours of blog talk!!! :) So fun!!

  3. I hope you feel better, I have just now started to feel better after being sick all last week! The cake mix up is hilarious!


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