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Monday, June 9, 2014

weekend recap...tour de utah

laurann and i had some tentative plans to go out of town for memorial day weekend. after my trip to california, i decided i better stay in town. we decided to do some local touristy things. we tried to do things we haven't done. if you follow me on social media, you saw the major overgram of the weekend. we had a great time touring our own town.

1. olympic oval
i went to 1 event during the 2002 paralympics at the oval and haven't been back since.
2. thai delight
such delicious thai food. highly recommended and was so good.
3. leatherby's
we have both been there, but it's a popular utah location for ice cream especially

1. swig
drinks + treats. yes we started the day with diet coke and a cookie
2. air and space museum
neither of us had been there. it was a really cool place with a lot of planes.
3. burger bar

4. utah state capitol
5. public transportation
we only rode the train about 4 blocks, and somehow we still managed to mess up.
6. blooms and co.
brynn is a great friend and amazing floral designer.
7. city creek mall
laurann's shoes were really slippery on the wet sidewalk so we ran into the mall for some power shopping.
8. temple square
even though we have both been there many times, it is a definite must see when touring utah.
9. bruges waffles
we hoped to find a waffle truck, but we never did.

10. moochie's
i've heard about this place for such a long time. the food was so good.
11. REAL soccer game

we took sunday off to rest and catch up a little

1. legacy trail
the trail is long and safe
2. nielsen's frozen custard
another place we have both been, but it's such a popular place we had to go. the lemon custard was so good.
3. fiiz
another drink+treats
4. south davis rec center
the pool was pretty crowded but all we wanted was the sun
5. the dudes food
hand dipped corn dogs. they were really really good, but i probably don't need another for a while.
spending the weekend touring our own town was so much fun. there are more places we want to go. something like this would make a really fun summer bucket list or date night or anything else. 
locals..where should we go next?



  1. Looks so great! I have in laws moving to SLC at the end of the summer. I hope to get out and visit! Who doesn't start their day with a diet coke and cookie!?! I know I do.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. I feel like we did a Northern Utah one this weekend. We ate dinner at Corbin's Grille in Layton on Friday night, got donuts from Johnny O Spudnuts in Logan, Stayed at Anniversary Inn (which I guess is a Utah/Idaho thing), at lunch at Firehouse Pizzeria (only in Logan/Smithfield), went to Smith and Edward's, went to a local furniture place to get stain for my banisters, etc. I think I'm going to make a list of things Joe and I need to do/places we need to stay on this list and make date nights of it! :)


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