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Thursday, June 12, 2014

we do wellness...exercise

i had so much fun with amy last month that i'm back at it again. 
growing up i don't really remember anyone ever going to the gym. i guess there were aerobics classes, but it seems like those were mostly at the church or something. i remember my mom walking with some other ladies in the neighborhood after the kids went to bed. as kids we ran around playing outside all day and night. exercise happened more naturally than it seems to these days.
i was a dancer, a swimmer, and a tennis player. i got a lot of exercise. fast forward to college, and i had to start deliberately exercising. 
having a consistent exercise routine isn't much of a struggle for me. i really like to exercise. running is a big part of my life, and the gym is a big part of my life. i either run or bike or go to the gym 6 days a week. it's just what i do.
not everyone is like that. exercise is hard. it's hard to get to the gym. here are my top 5 tips for exercise success
1. make a plan
what is your goal? weight loss? endurance training? strength? overall fitness?
2. find a buddy
i workout so much better and harder when i'm with someone else. meeting someone at the gym makes it really hard to come up with excuses not to go.
3. get good music
i can listen to anything as long as it's a song i like. some people need a certain beat. find what you like.
4. track your progress
back to #1...are you trying to reach a certain number of minutes in a month or steps in a day or pounds/inches lost? keep track and celebrate your success.
5. reward yourself
buy a new song or workout outfit or put money in an envelope to save up for something.

even though i really like the gym and like to exercise, i still have to use these tips to keep me on track. what's your best exercise tip?


  1. Great tips! I cannot stick to an exercise routine!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. I was always better at going to the gym with a buddy. I guess I need to find myself a new one!

  3. its true. "the gym" has become so big lately. I feel like I hardly ever see groups of ladies just walking together for fun. I wanna do that!


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