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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

blogging the bach 10.3 (amazing) and 10.4 (sad)

chris harrison threw us a little curve ball this week with a bach double header. rather than 2 separate posts for the 2 episodes, i'm writing 1, most likely marathon, post.
i'm so happy to have ashley and kimberly back  co-hosting with me this week. last week i decided this season's posts will features lessons of some kind so this week i bring you

LIFE LESSONS from the bachelorette
1. be active-biking, hiking whatever. (side summer i turned into outdoor girl. i even went camping for 3 days straight. pretty sure i never need to sleep in a tent again after that)
***are the suave commercials killing anyone else?***
2. if you're still single, figure out the answer to one of the world's most annoying questions.."why are you still single?" if you're not single, don't ask anyone that question.ever.
3. try not to ramble. nick, i have no idea what you're saying about love and romance. spit it out and move on/kiss her already.
4. do things that make you uncomfortable and sometimes don't (like singing in front of an audience when you can't sing)
5. be a good sport at least. i was impressed with the guys. they were terrible singers, but they didn't care.
6. be willing to make a fool of yourself.
stripping-not ok
***the evening featured kissing.lots of kissing***
7. be who you are. jj is unique and quirky, but he doesn't try to be someone else. i like that.
8. make it real. props to nick for sending flowers. no props to andi for reading the card in front of eric.
9. play nice. what the heck is going on with andrew?

week 3 word tally
amazing...12 (word of the week)
right reasons...2 (what do we think about josh? is he there for the right reasons?)
husband/wife...1 (i may have missed a few with the jj date)

1.tight or white pants but not both. i usually love andi's fashion, but ...
2. avoid awkward-poor dylan. poor andi
3. open up. dylan obvi wanted to talk, but andi basically had to drag it out of him.
4. don't do drugs. the story is super sad, but the point is still the same.
5. play the game. whatever it is, play it.
6. hope you're on the coach's team.
7. lose with grace. it could have been worse, but those boys weren't happy.
8. family is everything. more on eric later.
9. talk about religion. being mormon/lds is so important to me. i try to talk about religion, but it's not always easy. i haven't seen that conversation happen before on the bach.
10. if you're a dude, don't wear tank tops.
11. don't be a dufus. brian-i'm looking at you. he was smart later on, but in the first moment he was a total dufus.
12. conquer your fears. cue the cheesy bachelor analogies.
13. don't be a creeper-boys looking out the window at the one on one
14. trust people and be trustworthy
15. makeup matters. andi's makeup for the rose ceremony was killer.
speaking of killer, so was her gold dress
***come back next week for WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with gold? andi's dress is a good option***
16. don't talk about kissing. just do it.
17. don't be a noisy kisser

week 4 tally
fairytale...0 again
right reasons...0

and the final lesson
life is short. live every single day like it might be your last.
the situation with eric 100% breaks my heart. initially he seemed to be suffering from the first date curse. they talked a little and things seemed ok until they were totally not. i was so sad watching the final conversation with eric and andi. i felt so sad and even uncomfortable. i watched with kimberly this week (yay), and i totally started crying watching it. having friends who knew eric makes me think i knew him. i kind of hated the way he left. i'm glad they chose to talk about it a little more with andi, but i really am so sad. i'm sad for his family and friends. i'm sad for a life cut way too short. i'm sad that it feels so real to me because his accident happened somewhere i drive by almost every single day. mostly i'm just sad about the whole thing.

as promised here's my prediction for the final 4
1. nick
2. josh
3. marcus
4. brian

i want to hear your thoughts, and make sure to link up if you wrote a post.

week 2
week 1


  1. I think those will be my top 4 also. Did not see Eric's story line playing out the way it did! I'll have my thoughts up tomorrow!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Suave commercials are awful!!! I appreciate them catering to the audience of the show, but seriously, cheese cheese cheese!!!!

  3. josh i BY FAR my favorite and i really want him to win. he or marcus. they are my favs. and eric. wow. he just. wow. sad he's dead though. and i watch it on hulu, but there is this annoying bleach commercial where they try to make it the bachelorette.

    1. I think Josh and Marcus will be the final two as well.

      ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. yah the suave commercials need to go. It is really weird having that spot where he died be somewhere I drove by a lot too. So sad.

  5. I think I'm going to go back and watch the other episodes JUST for the suave commercials. So so bad.

  6. Yeah, why did Andi read the card in front of Eric? Party foul. Umm I HATE those Sauve commericals! I've only seen the one with Deanna and I find her extremely annoying!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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