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Friday, June 27, 2014

mathis family reunites part 1...the food

most of my mom's family actually lives in the western part of the country, but since our family always lived far away we haven't been especially close with the extended family. we have a great time when we get together, but those get togethers don't happen very often. my grandparents celebrated their 60th anniversary earlier this month, and they both turn 80 this year. it's the perfect combo for a family reunion 10 years in the making. i wish i was kidding.

we took a ton of pictures, and i want to share them all/have them on the blog when it gets printed. that means this reunion might have a few parts.
the schedule
thursday-arrive when you can, swim, dinner, hike, dessert, games, catching up
friday-hike the red hill, lunch, pool/games/sports, dinner, talent show, more talking and laughing
saturday-rockets/sports at the park, lunch, children's museum, pool, dinner, talent show, pickleball
sunday-church, lunch, leave
it took months and months and even years of planning and coordination to get us all together, but it was all worth it. we all had so much fun catching up with each other. 
probably one of the biggest challenges is figuring out what to feed such a large crowd. my mom's sister, malea, did all the food planning, and she did a great job.
what's a party without the food?
 dad and grandma post eating
 david cooking dinner #1
 grandpa, jeff, jordan

 jordan, chelsea, kyler, karson, karlee
 david, abby, shaylee, troy, corey, leina

 zach, jordan, and the kids
 troy, corey, gale, dad, richard, cayden

 corey, troy
everyone was obsessed with malea's pellet ice maker.we all want one now.

we stayed in a house with a big open main floor-big enough to accommodate us all for meals. we started kind of sitting with our own families to eat but eventually mixed it up. it's funny how food is always the social thing. major thanks to malea for all the planning to make sure we didn't starve.

i'll be back monday with part 2...the sports.

do you live close to family? do you have organized family reunions? how often? please say more than every 10 years.



  1. I found out the other day that you can buy ice from Sonic (the pellet ice!)... I had no idea you could buy a pellet ice maker! lol! Looks like a good time! We have a family reunion on my Mom's side about an hour away every 2 years. 10 years is a long time!

  2. The best part of any party is the food ;) I'm excited to see the rest, it looked like you had a lot of fun from what I saw on Instagram!! :)


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