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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

patriotic pendant banner

i love all the holidays, but as i've gotten older the 4th of july has become one of my favorites. living out of the country for a few months during college made me more patriotic than ever. i got out my patriotic decorations at the beginning of june because i want to enjoy them longer. after making the spring pendant banner, i couldn't wait to make another one. it's a very simple banner than be done in less than 30 minutes.

banada in various colors (i used red, white, blue, and flag)
premade burlap banner
mini stapler with colored (blue) staples

1. cut 12 triangles out of bandana
2. lay out triangles in pattern (or lack of a pattern if you're like me. i prefer less of a pattern)
3. staple bandana to burlap with 2 staples
4. continue with staples until you are done
5. hang and enjoy

i cut the triangles out a few weeks ago. i actually had a little hard time finding the premade burlap banner, but i finally found it in stock at hobby lobby. i spent less than 5 minutes last minutes last night finishing the banner. i love crafts projects that are easy and can be done quickly.


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