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Monday, June 2, 2014

disneyland part 2...the rides

we got pretty lucky meeting the characters without standing in ridiculously long lines. we were also pretty lucky with rides. we knew karlee would love the rides because she always does. karson gets a little nervous with things especially new things so we didn't know what he would think. he actually did really well and liked most things. since kyler is so little still we didn't know what he would think either. 
kids make disneyland so much fun. i love seeing their faces light up with all the rides and characters and everything. of course i took tons of pictures.

day #1 was beastly hot. the kids already have red faces, and it was still morning.
even though the temps were killer, we had a great time.
 the carousel was a fave for sure
 karlee loved the tea cups. the boys surprised us by wanting to go too.

 karson loved the rockets even more than dumbo

 everyone loved the little mermaid at california adventure. it was probably my fave.

 in bugs land
 itty bitty ride in bugs land
 ladybugs in california adventure
 both kids really liked the bumper cars

 we didn't do a whole lot in cars land, but the kids liked this ride so much they got right back on

we were really sad that small world and pirates of the caribbean were closed. we still had a lot of fun riding the other rides.


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  1. I didn't discover The Little Mermaid ride until my last trip to Disneyland and it was life changing! Definitely a fave, it's probably right up there with Peter Pan!


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