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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

blogging the bach 10.5

things have been a little neglected around here the past several days. i thought i published a post from my phone yesterday morning, but that obviously didn't happen.
i've been out of town, but i'm back now and trying to stay on top of this little space.
i don't have a guest co-host this week. if you'd like to co-host blogging the bach, comment below or email me. i would love to have you.
i was out of town all weekend for a family reunion. our whole extended family hasn't been together for 10 years so it was long overdue and a great time.
i raced home this afternoon to catch most of the bach. i missed the first 40 minutes which means i missed about 90% of josh's one on one. what happened? fill me in. i can't decide about him so i'm kind of sad i missed this date.
there was a decent amount of dating/marriage talk over the weekend. my poor 30 year old cousin got several comments from my grandma about why he should get married/why he isn't married, and my other cousin's wife got a little trapped by my grandma to hear some lessons about marriage. most of my family knows better than to say too much to me about not being married, but my grandma said more this time than ever before. so, this week's lessons from the bach is another round of 
(because clearly i need it)
1. non verbal communication is important (especially when verbal isn't an option)
my face usually says it all. i should prob tone down the non verbal sometimes.
2. have a good attitude (dear nick, you are on the bachelorette. you are going to have a lot of group dates. have fun)
3. seize the moment (dear nick again, take some notes from JJ)
4. poetry isn't my thing-this is obvi more of a side note than an actual lesson (dear nick once again, i'm not sure poetry is going to work as well on andi as it did on des which as a side note totally reminds me i need to buy chris's book of poetry as a gag gift for someone.) 
5. don't cause a raucous and/or be a baby (this is for nick again, and it's possible that causing a raucous isn't such a bad thing)
at this point i'm not sure if these are lessons for me or lessons for nick.
6. saying you're falling in love after 1 real and maybe 2-3 group dates seems like a bad idea (dear marcus, i'm now talking to you)
7. "i smiled because i was with andi". thanks for the tip brian. sometimes it's good to be agreeable to the activity even if you don't like it. (i wrote this down before they went in the kitchen. let's pretend like that part of their date didn't happen.)
8. cooking dates are only fun if you like cooking
i'm pretty good on this one. i like to cook, and this date had potential to be really good (had being the key word)
9. be confident
this is the biggest lesson for me this week. i can be fairly confident in a lot of areas of my life, but dating sure isn't one of them. thanks andi for the tip.
10. cut to the chase. don't beat around the bush. if you like someone, do something about it.
what else did i miss? anymore lessons in dating i might have missed?
since i missed a big chunk, there's no word tally this week.
a few thoughts on the remaining guys...
marcus...he's falling too hard too fast. i predict he turns weird.
JJ...i thought he might be gone by now, but andi seems to really like him. be determined. i don't know what to think about him.
brian...slow burn, but i think andi really likes him. 
nick...something about him is just off a little he stuck in the friend zone? he's such a cutie, but i don't have much hope for him.
dylan...i kind of forgot about him. surprised he's still around.
i looked for a bleachable moment but didn't find much of one this week. did i miss something? i want to hear your thoughts especially about josh's date. don't forget to link up below if you posted.
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  1. Apparently Nick's dating lesson didn't mean much because he still got a rose :P So dumb!!! You don't like JJ?!?!?!

  2. oh my gosh you forgot to mention patrick's winning comment as he left "a lot of people have told me that i am a CATCH, not just women." okay. you pretty much just said you're gay...... that was like, the best of the whole thing. brian is very awkward but a good kisser. nick just needs to go i really hate him. i think they are editing him to be a villan for drama purposes but i am sure he won't stick around. i'm not sure about josh. i think marcus or jj will take the cake. chris. omg swoon. marcus is my favorite i think. and i feel like josh is hiding something but MAN is he fiiiiiine

  3. Of the remaining guys I really am starting to like JJ. But can we discuss Marquel?? Why didn't she even give him a chance at a one on one? He had so many great qualities. It seemed like they were in the friend zone, but that's only because she didn't really give him a chance! I wouldn't mind if he came back as the Bachelor. Wouldn't mind it one bit!


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