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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

blogging the bach 19.11...women tell all

women tell all can go either way for me. sometimes it's really great, and other times it's boring. we'll see how tonight goes.
who's tiffany, roommate sage and me. celsey and fam had some medical things this week so I watched with a new crowd. if you want to say a little prayer for them, that would be great. 

no comments on the viewing parties because unless they come to ours, who really cares?!?
season recap
what i saw
replay of parts of the show that were bad enough the first time around
what i heard
if i tried out for bachelor, i would at least practice pretty crying before i went--tiffany
what i thought
 the girls are crazy to think it's not about friendship. only one of them will end up with him. 

in the hot seat..britt
what i saw
carly got some new extensions
why does kaitlyn always wear crop tops?
what i heard
shut up you clucking chickens--sage about all the yelling
some things never change since elementary school. people are always mean to the pretty girl-tiffany
what i thought
i really like britt. it makes me pretty sad to see girls being so mean to her. or maybe it was mostly carly. she never had much of a connection with chris so she got air time by talking badly about britt.

in the hot seat...kelsey
what i saw
kelsey got a new haircut but still looks like a mom
what i heard
they should probably have an age limit--tiffany about mackenzie
the hot seat needs an eject button--tiffany
maybe she should use that kleenex and stop sniffing--tiffany
what i thought
kelsey had her time on chris tells all. why are we hearing from her again?
lots of talk about love and amazing, but none of it has anything to do with chris

in the hot seat...ashley s
what i saw
the onion gift was hilarious
best dressed so far
what i heard
if we learned one thing, she likes to ride bikes--tiffany
pretty comes with a price--sage
can you imagine if she zoned out like that while she was cutting your hair? next thing you know you have a mesa verde haircut--tiffany
what i thought
part of the time ashley was making fun of herself, and the other time it seemed like she had no idea what was going on.

in the hot seat...jade
what i saw
jade looks different than on the show
what i heard
she's already had enough pictures--tiffany after i said i didn't want jade in my photo a day pic
what i thought
poor jade. choices like that are going to give you lifelong consequences. also, number 4 thinks they are going to be his top pick, but the reality is he liked the other girls more 

in the hot seat...kaitlyn
what i saw
making the girls re-watch the hard parts makes me pretty sad
her hair looks really good
what i heard
their outfits look like they stole it from a hostess at a chinese restaurant--tiffany about bali
what i thought
this show is crazy and fun to make fun of, but i'm genuinely really sad for her

in the hot seat..chris
what i saw
chris squirming
akwardness with jade
what i heard
this whole season he just sputters over his words--sage and tiffany
they needed someone to coach him--sage
what i thought
britt ended really classy, and that's why i like her
it would be really awkward to face all the girls-obviously

word tally
journey..3 (not a big word this season)
wife/husband..4 (probably mostly from kelsey)

what i predict
kaitlyn will prob be the next bachelorette. britt was way too emotional.
chris still has no idea how to handle the women. hopefully he does better with his final choice.

what are your predictions for next week/next bachelorette?



  1. I loved that Chris had no clue what to say to Ashley after her onion gift and there was this totally awkward silence. I saw a lot of people bashing Britt on Twitter last night, and saying how she was fake crying and stuff, but I don't really care, Carly was extremely rude to her and I applauded Jillian for sticking up for her and letting Carly have it.
    And also, Chris has some seriously awesome skills in mediation and dealing with women. He's such a great listener and asks all the right questions in a caring way.

  2. Chris has NO CLUE HOW TO talk/communicate with women!!! He is pitiful to watch, but so sweet. I felt awful for Britt and Kaitlyn, I really did. I feel like both of them got screwed. So did Samantha, bless her heart! I didn't realize before how gorgeous the special ed teacher... can't remember her name. They made some great points on Kelsey, feel like she got too much time too, but she needed to be called out on some stuff.


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