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Monday, March 30, 2015

random rambling...spring has sprung

a lot of people get super excited for fall. while i do actually love fall, most of the time i don't enjoy it. fall means winter is coming, and i really don't like winter. spring is totally different. spring means summer is coming, and i LOVE summer!
i run outside all year, but spring running is my fave! the weather on saturday was 100% perfect.

summer means 
pool days
long nights
bright colors
and so much more
are you excited for summer or are you dreading it?


  1. SPRING! I am so excited about it.... now if these allergies will just leave me alone, I'll feel so much better and can enjoy the outdoors!

  2. We've been sitting out on the back patio making plans for our summer and the yard, it feels like it's already here!

  3. I love spring, summer and fall probably all equally. I really don't like winter, but I love changing it up for something new so what ever season is just beginning (except for Jan-March) is my favorite!

  4. I love summer and fall the best, then spring, and winter dead last. Although, I do love the FIRST snow only!

  5. I thought spring/summer was here for us and then today it was cold and rainy!!! So strange, I'm sure that will be the last of it. Can't wait to wear sandals to work :)

  6. I love summer.... but I have a ton of anxiety about it this year. I have body image issues, and pretty soon it's going to be too hot to hide in a sweater! I need to get out there and run, too!


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