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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

wear it is pain

when it comes to style and fashion I have two mottos...
beauty is pain
fashion over function 

i know a lot of people disagree, but i also know a lot of people agree. of course it would be more comfortable to walk around in sweats and flip flops all the time, but i don't feel like my best self when I don't try my best to look good. for me personally, trying my best often means wearing something not entirely comfortable or functional. during the week I sit on the floor with kids all day so my attire tends to be more casual. when I get the chance to dress up, i take full advantage including heels. 

are heels comfortable? not really. are they worth it? absolutely. i saw a quote from Jessica Simpson on Twitter earlier this week "if the shoe is uncomfortable, wear it anyway". amen!

i recognize not everyone agrees. agree or not I want to hear your thoughts. 



  1. I wish I could live out the motto beauty is pain but I am too much of a baby!

  2. I agree for the most part...I had to make some concessions as a teacher. .all day in heels kills me :)

  3. I agree for the most part...I had to make some concessions as a teacher. .all day in heels kills me :)

  4. I'm with Ashley, haha. I'm definitely for painless beauty and functional fashion, but I highly admire anyone who can wear whatever they want and not have it bother them! ;) I FREAKING LOVE THOSE SHOES, by the way.

  5. I'm somewhere in the middle. I hate wearing lounge wear after I'm up for the day. I honestly don't care what is going on, I'm in jeans and a v-neck. But I wouldn't call jeans and a v-neck super uncomfortable either! haha. And I do love my heels, wore them every day when I would work and my students were all impressed, especially at 8 1/2 months pregnant. Now it's more about safety as I feel like I'm carrying someone almost all times of the day and I don't want to roll an ankle. But I do love a good wedge, kind of an in between shoe. AH!! This is so long, sorry ;)

  6. Thankfully, I can wear heels teaching! But, I ALWAYS bring a pair of flats with soon as lunch starts, flats are on. As soon as kids leave for the day, flats are on!

  7. Since I'm pretty short (5'3") I've always been a tall heels kind of girl...but...then I married a short guy. ;) So now I stay around 3 inches for heels which makes us about the same height. Since my recent foot injury I've tried to stay away from heels as much as possible. But ironically, super-flat shoes make my foot hurt worse than heels! Something about the no arch support. Basically I'd rather stay in my Brooks all day. Works well for chasing kiddos.


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