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Thursday, March 12, 2015

blogging the bach 19.12...finale

i love the bach. i really really do, but by the time the season is ending i'm kind of ready for the weekly commitment to end.
who's schedule was all kinds of messed up this week so i watched a little monday and a little tuesday.
night one-co-worker tiffany and roommate sage, co-worker michelle and husband dallin 
night two-celsey, shawn, amanda, and bf brayden
the virgin. she doesn't get a job. she's just the virgin--tiff
only "could" change his life--tiff
 whitney meets the fam
what i saw
is whitney wearing any pants?
whitney seems pretty comfortable with the fam
what i heard
her dress, not winning-tiff
his giggle...him and 5 year old girls--sage
what i thought
whitney really really loves chris. he obviously really likes her, but...
becca meets the fam
what i saw
becca is so very different
what i heard
i don't know if describing someone as awesome means wife material--tiff
you're digging yourself a hole girl--michelle
farm country is beautiful--tiff
it seems like the choice is clear. if you want to get married, it's not her--tiff
what i thought
chris really likes becca, but there is no way they are getting engaged at the end of this.
we're pretty happy the time with chris' mom wasn't as terrible as the previews made it seem
final date-becca
what i saw
i want becca's hair
don't they usually have a full day+evening date
what i heard
not before he proposes, before the last rose ceremony--michelle
we've got to get this date done so dallin can start making funny comments--michelle
how did they even get through that because that's ridiculous--sage
that date made me need a xanax--sage
what i thought
the whole time i kept thinking becca was going to leave. i still think she might leave.
she definitely got the shaft with a night date only
her points are pretty valid but not very realistic on the bach
final date-whitney
what i saw
it's light outside. are they having a full day date?
did chris say i love you at the door/
what i heard
say amazing say amazing--sage
that's a hefty necklace. it probably weighs more than she does--tiff
her legs are so small. if she trips, her legs are going to snap--amanda
her voice when she is crying does not get better. it gets worse--cel
what i thought
if whitney and chris don't get engaged, i'll be super surprised.
she had the longest date ever especially compared to becca

the end-becca
what i saw
the dress, the dust, the barn
what i heard
what is this a shakespeare film festival--sage
at least it matches the barn. and his tie--tiff
if it was ashley s she would for sure get lost--sage
i'm yelling at a tv. i'm a freaking wackado--sage after i yelled at dallin for not being funny
what's with the rainbow lighting on the wall?--tiff 
he's a little fruity--sage
she looks like a vampire gone horribly wrong--sage
the stylists totally sabotaged her--sage
is that velvet? it's hideous, like my grandma--cel
what i thought
becca was too far behind from the beginning and never could catch up

the end-whitney
what i saw
what i heard
this dress isn't much better. it's like a choir dress-sage
get her some albuterol--sage
perfect. he's trying to use his adjectives--sage
who are you going to tell? it's iowa. the cows, the dusty roads--sage
at least there's no paparazzi--tiffany
what i thought
it seemed pretty obvious that he was going to pick whitney
word tally (sage and michelle took over word tally)
words to count next time...process, at the end of the day, virgin (bachelor season)
amanda and brayden left so we're down to celsey, shawn, and me
after the final rose
what i saw
becca looks amazing.
we nearly saw whitney's rear end when whitney came out
what i heard
i feel like she's heard that love is like this thing--cel
that dress is short. her butt is barely in --cel
why is only part of her hair curled? it looks like she was in a hurry and only curled the top part--cel
some things about her are cuter than the other girl, but she has a weird mouth--shawn
is the mom talking about practicing making babies?--cel
what i thought
becca is a classy girl
jimmy kimmel is really funny, but the segment with him is just kind of dumb, the cow especially named juan pablo was pretty funny.

predictions for next season
in the words of kaitlyn...well, that's not ideal

let's hear your thoughts about all of this.


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