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Thursday, March 5, 2015

unintentional accessory

i remember getting glasses the first time. i was in 6th grade. my eyes weren't that bad, but i definitely couldn't see the bottom row on the eye chart. i think my mom thought i was lying. maybe i was. who even knows. i remember i couldn't always see everything the absolute best, and i remember i really wanted glasses. what was i thinking?!?

glasses are actually totally annoying. i can't believe i wanted them. thank the heavens my eyes aren't terrible. i can see well enough to pass the vision driving test without them, and i can go to the gym in the morning without contacts. they definitely make it a lot easier to see.

 maybe they are annoying, but they can also be a really cute accessory.

 #matchymatchy is my fave
 i have a pair of more practical glasses so the last time i ordered i decided to go with something a little more fun. i definitely don't regret it.

i don't want glasses as much as i did when i was 12, but if i have to wear them, at least they're cute. i ordered these from firmoo. the process was unbelievably easy, and they came pretty fast. i have always been nervous to order online, but it worked out so well. i uploaded a picture so i could see what they look like on my face. if you need new glasses, check out firmoo. use code AUBREYZARUBABLOGS4 to save $15 on frames through the end of march.

***i received these glasses from firmoo in exchange for this post


  1. I'm sharing my Firmoo glasses tomorrow! I love that they are so inexpensive yet still provide a fun fashionable look and great quality product. You picked a fun color.

  2. Fun!

    I'm a late comer to glasses, but I have one pair that I bought off a cheap internet site. They fall off my face every time I bend over. You'd think I'd do something about this ridiculous state of being, but I just can't seem to be arsed.

    Btw, at least you wanted glasses in 6th grade. When I was in 4th grade, I idolized a 5th grader who wore saddle oxfords and her headgear to school. So, yeah...that's what I wanted. A metal device coming out of my mouth, embracing my head. Can't even fathom it now.

  3. I'll be heading to firmoo soon!

  4. Those are super cute! Growing up I never really wanted glasses, but now they are so cute. I am going to schedule an eye appointment soon and I can't say I would be terribly upset if I needed glasses ;D

  5. Ah! Adorable. I love glasses that make a statement.

  6. I love your whole outfit! The glasses definitely are adorable.

  7. I played the same card but I was totally 20 years old, wanted an excuse to not wear eye makeup & get away with it and look like the "girl next door"'s worked thus far. :) Plus, didn't hurt my parents insurance is pretty boss and worked in my favor that I got my first pair of glasses for free. Holllla!

    Ps. You look ADORABLE!

  8. Oh goodness! I remember totally wanting glasses when I was younger as well. I actually lied about being able to not see the chart just so I could get them! So dumb and my eye sight is so bad!

  9. I am so glad I wear glasses now. Didn't get them until I was 38 or so, but now I don't like to look in the mirror without them on. My head is so big, glasses really break up the know?

    PS. I love your glasses :)

  10. Loved the ones you picked!! I have a love/hate relationship with my glasses!!

  11. Super cute, and I agree, I hate glasses. However, I have horrid glasses and are close to legally blind. I also have astigmatism so badly in my eyes that I haven't been able to wear contacts that stay still for 5 years!


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