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Monday, March 9, 2015

weekend recap

i had a random rambling post planned for today, but i didn't have the appropriate time to gather my thoughts. i'll be back with that later. in the meantime, my weekend was pretty fun.

on friday afternoon i took engagement pictures for tiffany and ken. 

after the pictures, i met some friends for dinner.

saturday, i went running first thing. i love starting out the day that way.

i spent most of the afternoon doing a blog course online. i learned a lot and got some great new ideas.

we celebrated kristie's birthday with dinner. we laughed and had a great time.

this weekend went by super fast, and surprisingly I didn't take a lot of pictures.  how was your weekend?



  1. yay for great weekends! {BOOO for the Monday after daylight savings...}

  2. Where did you find the blog class online?

  3. Where did you find the blog class online?


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