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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

random rambling...the weirdness of social media

i'm mixing up the schedule a little this week. here's what you can expect..
monday/yesterday...weekend happs
tuesday...random rambling
wednesday...what would you do...with gold glitter?+giveaway
thursday...blogging the bach
friday...for the little tykes
i love love love social media. i love connecting with friends and family new and old, but social media is a little/a lot weird.
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social media gives all of us a false sense of keeping in touch with people. we see people's lives online, and we feel like we know them and their lives. on the other hand, it does make it a lot easier to keep in touch with people. it's easy to make a quick comment on an instagram picture or like someone's facebook status.
i'm friends on social media with people from every part of my life-including high school (days before social media of any kind). my parents no longer live where i grew up. i haven't been back to visit my hometown in over ten years. i'm facebook friends with a lot of people from high school. i see pictures of their kids, see status updates about their jobs, and houses, and events, and they see the same from me. it definitely gives that false sense of being in touch with people i haven't actually seen or even talked to in over 10 years.
recently a friend from high school tragically passed away in his sleep. i am so removed from the situation and the people there, but something about social media made me feel more connected to the situation. he regularly posted pictures of his darling family, and even though we haven't had any contact in years, it was extremely emotional. i literally could not stop crying about it. i felt and continue to feel completely heartbroken for his family (that i don't even know). this wasn't the first time i thought about the weirdness of social media, but it definitely brought it to my mind again. i love social media and the connections i have because of it, but it really is weird.

i would love to hear your thoughts on social media.



  1. It's weird because when my parents (they don't have fb) ask me about how a relative we don't see often is doing, I can answer them even if I haven't talked to that person in years!

  2. ha, it is weird. And that is super sad about your old friend. It is nice to be able to keep up even a little bit with people you definitely wouldn't otherwise with social media.

  3. Honestly, social media allows introverts to have a gentle push. I'm pretty shy around new people, but because I know my blogger friends online, when I meet them IRL, I feel comfortable with them. =)

  4. Haha ok, it IS weird. I enjoy it because I feel like being as busy as I am, I don't visit my friends as often in person. Having social media really does keep us connected. I also enjoy getting tidbits from others that open my mind and allow me to grow and expand.

  5. I love social media because it keeps me connected. I think it's amazing that friends that I haven't heard from or seen can all be part of a network that allows us to share our lives.


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