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Monday, March 16, 2015

weekend happs

do you ever start out the weekend thinking it might be pretty uneventful and then it's more eventful than you planned?!? that was my weekend. i had a few plans, but i expected things to be a little more low key.
friday started out a little annoying when i accidentally set my alarm for pm instead of am. i woke up in plenty of time to get ready for work but not enough time to go to the gym. 
my friday plans got thrown off a little,but i still made time to get my toes done with co-worker michelle. the relaxation was long overdue. after the pedicure i had to finish up some work, hit the gym, and run a few errands.

i'm not running any marathons this year/until i get faster, but i'm training with my running friends. the day started super early which i was totally unhappy about, but i was happy to see the sunrise.
 one of the benefits of running with seasoned runners is always having something planned. they know a lot of cut through spots to get us from one spot to another. the neighborhood put up a gate on one of our most common routes. this was our last time doing the bear loop (called the bear loop because of the wooden life size bear we see on the way). if we're being honest, this isn't my fave run, but i have so many memories from this run. i'm sad to see the end of it.
 my saturday routine includes running, cleaning, and then various things. while cleaning, the bottom hinge came off the closet door. we didn't have any screws so we used a giant nail. and the #whyineedahusband hashtag continues.
REAL salt lake had their season opener on saturday. the game was a lot of fun even though the team kind of struggled. 

 during half time, a kid stepped on my foot so hard he broke my shoe. the stadium isn't the cleanest, and there was no way i was going to walk barefoot. i ended up getting duct tape and fixing it enough to make it the rest of the night.

i spent most of sunday doing church things and also baking. come back on friday to see what i did with girl scout cookies.
how was your weekend? any exciting happs?


  1. that was a full weekend, I need to find some runners in my area to start running with!

  2. that was a full weekend, I need to find some runners in my area to start running with!


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