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Monday, March 2, 2015

2015 goal update...FOCUS on...LOVE

i promise i'll try hard not to talk every month about how fast the year is going by, but seriously how is it march already?!? february's FOCUS on LOVE was good.
how did my goals go?
1. explore online dating-check
i talked to people about options, and i have a plan. now time to implement the plan...
2. prep birthday cards for the year-check
i have names on envelopes for the year
3. weekly random acts of kindness-check
this was my favorite

1. set up sponsorship program to start april 1
i have an account with passionfruit ads. it's time to start using it
2. follow up with brands from build your blog
send follow up emails. make list of things to change based on classes
3. start planning slumber soiree
find a venue. pick a date. make a list of potential sponsors

hopefully my reward for focusing on my blog and accomplishing my goals is a natural reward of blog growth. i'm also going to a conference in may which is also a reward.

how are your 2015 goals going?



  1. Nice job!!! I need to prep birthday cards for the year sometime, that would be a good idea :P

  2. I don't like passionfruit!! Use Adproval!!!

  3. I want to be a sponsor for the next slumber party!!


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