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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

blogging the bach 11.2

this season is throwing me off a little. we got home from our weekend in vegas, picked up some dinner, and attempted to start watching. what's with the schedule this season? please tell me we're going back to regularly scheduled programming.
who's watching... tiffany and sage after our long drive in the car. there's potential for some major sass. 
group date 1...i see this ending with a ring
ben h
ben z
what i saw
guys that all look the same 
dudes going all out basically to kill each other
what i heard
i love that they have to work these boys out so they don't have this testosterone match in the house--tiff
justin, something's wrong with his face--sage
kupah's in a relationship with himself-tiff
wrestle in jello or have a jump roping contest or something--tiff
have a pie eating contest. that's my type of contest--sage
oh, first sob story of the season. cue the cheesy music--tiff
i didn't know he's from utah--tiff about justin's son's made up name
they resort back to 4th grade because they can't text--tiff
is she mixing up connection with lust and attraction?--tiff
what i thought
these boys are probably stinky and sweaty
why does this show insist on competition? this does not seem like a good idea.
ben z gets the rose and we're not surprised

one on one..clint...i'll take your breath away
what i saw
clint looks kind of terrible. did he shower?
clint's hair is not ideal for this situation
what i heard
2/2 suckage dates--sage
we didn't have any chemistry before so we just made out to pass the time--tiff
did anyone see how she's holding her wine glass? she needs some etiquette training
what i thought
this date turned out better than i expected and the chemistry picked up a little

group date 2...i'm looking for a man who will stand up for me
what i saw
jj things he's hilar which basically means not funny at all #blesshisheart
some guys are funny. some are not.
tony was so awkward. tony needs to go
kissing. lots and lots of kissing
what i heard 
mark my words. someone is going to make a joke about it being britt--tiff
these guys are as deep as the kitty pool--tiff
tony you should probably have another shot--tiff or a ponytail--sage
embarrassed monkey emoji--tiff about tony
do they? do they all bring something to the table?--tiff
his bulldogs sound a lot like the bachelor mansion--tiff
if he got a quarter for every time he made someone uncomfortable he wouldn't have to do this show because he would be a millionaire--tiff
he and ashley mesa verde would be a perfect match--sage
what i thought
chris was not totally comfortable, but he made the best of it
jj will be around for a while. he's getting a lot of air time. we aren't big fans of him so far.

cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw
jj the dirt bag goes against what they all decided and steals her the first second
what i heard
here comes the boxing gloves again--tiff
don't worry about. she's make out with you in 2 seconds--tiff about kupah
what i thought
jj is definitely the villian
kupah was talking circles and circles and should just leave
kupah forgot the boys aren't in control anymore

clorox beach's bleachable moments campaign is back this season. let's discuss the bleachable moments of the night
tony's standup routine/kupah's convo with kaitlyn

word tally

this to be continued situation is making me crazy. please tell me this isn't going to happen every week. if you blog about the bachelorette, please link up below.

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