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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

blogging the bach 11.1

it's time for another season of the bachelorette. i am so excited to have megan join me this season for blogging the bach.

before we even get started, this is a link up which can be super fun. if you blog about the bach, we would love for you to link up with us. there really are no rules except no spoilers please. it ruins the fun for everyone.

i am pretty excited for the season and to figure out what on earth is going to happen.
who's watching: celsey and co were busy so i'm watching with blogger friends bonnie and kimberly and bonnie's friend sarah

what i saw
so much awkwardness
love love love britt's makeup
ryan m making a major fool of himself-bad enough that chris harrison sent him home

what i heard
this is going to be so awkward--sarah
why are there so many farmers this season? was chris' season super successful?--kimberly
this is almost as bad  as the guy that got the heart tattoo--sarah 
he's talking to his plants--kimberly about healer
kaitlyn is nervous you can tell--bonnie
he has a little sparkle. are you talking about the earring?--kimberly
he definitely has a black eye. he probably fell doing yoga--kimberly about spiritual healer
i don't like that it's giving the guys so much power--bonnie's husband greg who popped in for a minute

what i thought
why are so many people from nashville?
i like britt...more than most other people like britt. i still think it will be kaitlin but i like britt

first impressions
ben h-britt liked what he said (i missed what he said)
clint-someone needs to help his hair
ryan b-disney princess??? what?
jared-why isn't he looking at her? L for love shirt. throughout the night i kept thinking he was cute until i realized he was the one with the shirt. i can't like him.
brady-another one from nashville
ian-i was going to go for a handshake. has he ever seen this show?
jj-hockey puck
ryan m-drunk very drunk
joe-jar of moonshine
balloon guy
shawn or john
corey-plow the field, 
tony-black eye, healer
shawn e-hot tub car/car pool
chris-cupcake car, chris the dentist is cute
joshua-welder. he's cute
ben z-fitness coach
i missed justin somehow

the whole thing was totally awkward. how did i miss that this thing was 2 nights? i love love love the bach, but i do not love 2 nights of it. 

word tally

i kind of wish they would keep both girls for the season. it would make for some interesting tv. i can't wait to see what happens.

did you watch? what were your thoughts?



  1. omg ryan, wow what a hot mess right!? lol. jj and his hockey puck was super great! I like him and shawn booth <3

  2. As I commented on her post I never watched bachelor. But I have friends that do and they are always discussing some of the most crazy/out of this world moments of the show. Loved your first impressions though

  3. Yessss I love Bachelor recaps!!! It's so hard for me to choose who I like more. I loved Britt at the beginning last year and then I started to think she was fake. Kaitlyn I always liked but never loved. I like her sense of humor but my personality is more like Britt's...sensitive and caring. I don't know. I'll root for both.

  4. I'm still convinced Ryan M was a set up by producers... I mean, how do you get that plastered?? It just seemed a bit over the top, even for the Bachelor. I hope Kaitlyn bc like Chelsea, I loved Britt at the start of last season but soon felt she was too she says what everyone wants to hear. I don't believe half the crap that comes out her mouth. And even though I think Kaitlyn would drive me bonkers in real life, she seems down to Earth and real. Can't wait for bad I'm on the West Coast.

  5. I'm totally ok with either of them winning, but am a little annoyed that they let the men vote as well. It's the Bachelorette not the Bachelorette's just saying. And I agree with Ashleigh as well, Ryan had to be a set up! How could someone that douchey get through the screening process and not be noticed!?

  6. I so regret not watching! I so should have! I'll have to set my DVR for next week! Love me some cheesy reality television!

  7. there are some hotties this season! Especially Shawn. There were two others I really liked also, names I do not remember. I LOVE Kaitlin!

  8. Glad it's Katelyn. Still think Britt is a big fake, but I agree her make up looked really light and beautiful!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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