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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

wear it problems

i love target! who doesn't right?!? target v neck t-shirts and boyfriend cardigans are my favorite
they're both a main staple in my wardrobe. i have a very casual dress code at work since i sit on the floor with babies and toddlers most of the day. most days i wear a v neck and cardi. they're pretty comfy and can be dressed up a little with a scarf, necklace, etc.
BUT there's a problem...a total first world problem but still a problem.
they don't all fit the same (insert angry face emoji)
i have all of those t shirts above. i actually bought them all a couple of months ago.on the same day. the yellow seems like a completely different size even though they are all the same size. i know there are worse problems, but it's so annoying. the same happens with the cardigans.
i'm the queen of the cardi. i don't really like trying things on in the store so i just buy my regular size (often in many colors) and hope for the best. lately, it's been less than the best. what a pain!
am i the only one with this major first world problem?

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  1. I can't wear Target boyfriend tees. If I get a big enough size, it's too big for my shoulders and slips off and if I size down, I feel uncomfortable but the top stays on my shoulders. It's a mess!
    But I love their dressy tops. Those work well for my tiny shoulders ;)


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