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Monday, May 4, 2015

2015 goal update...FOCUS on...WORK

1. continue working on march goals for the blog...still working. i set up my sponsorship info in my passionfruit account. i plan to get it up on the blog once my new design is installed-hopefully in the next couple of weeks.
2. revamp curriculum for class i teach...i started but i am waiting for a few things before i can finish
i have been meaning to work on revamping some class curriculum at work, and it needs to be done.
3. help with autism awareness by organizing blue polish swap...check. details on my swap package coming soon

i have a lot of things i want to focus on this year. so far, i really love choosing something specific to work on. i found out a few weeks ago i have to move by the end of the month so i'm putting a little hiatus on my yearly plans to get that taken care of. may's goals are going to be a little different because honestly i just want to survive this move without having a gigantic mess of unorganized stuff.

1. clean out all clothes
2. clean/organize all storage bins
3. do at least 1 things everyday to get ready to move

moving is a pain. i wasn't planning this, and the timing isn't ideal. BUT, as much as i fight it, change can be a good thing so i'm trying to be positive about it.

did you pick a word for 2015? goals? how it's going?

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