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Friday, May 15, 2015

for the little date night

every once in a while I talk about dating around here. you're probably wondering what that has to do with the little tykes...

besides the fact that I need to do a heckuva lot more dating if I'm ever going to have any little tykes, today I'm talking about family date night. what?!?
yes, family date night! what is that exactly? we hear couples talking about date night, but that usually means leaving the kids with a babysitter while mom and dad go out. family date night means involving the whole family. it's leaving social media, technology, and other distractions behind to spend purposeful time together as a family. the options are pretty endless including making a favorite meal at home to going on a hike to a family ice cream run. 

i'm teaming up with one of my faves today to talk about the importance of family and couple date nights. to make the follow through a little easier, we're giving away a date night idea book. 
come over to a prioritized marriage to see my other ideas for family date nights and enter the giveaway.

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