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Thursday, May 21, 2015

blogging the bach 11.1.2

who knew this dang thing was on twice this week?!? i sure didn't, but here we are for the continuation of episode 1.

who's watching: monday night tradish with celsey and co starts up after memorial day. i'm watching with bonnie and friend sarah again for night 2.
what i saw
love love love britt's nails and makeup
love love love kaitlyn's nails
both girls seemed pretty shocked about the winner
what i heard
i think that's horrible of abc. i hope they never do that again.--bonnie
a black welded rose. thank you kind sir. what shall i do with this?--bonnie
they're all acting so tired--sarah
the welder's hot. she can't send him home--bonnie
what i thought
they just sent britt home with no closure. what if some of the guys wanted to follow her?
we all loved kaitlyn asking how britt was doing. not sure why chris harrison said she was totally fine.
it's still way too early to know who's who, but we like the ryan gosling look a like and the dentist.
who's left
shawn-kaitlyn pretty much already picked him (or at least it seemed that way)
chris-the dentist
ben h
kuhpa-who is this dude?
ryan b
corey s
ben z
tanner-what? who is he?
let's talk about the previews
wow! this season seems DRAMATIC. it wouldn't be the bachelorette otherwise. i wonder if things will really happen the way the edit shows. the edit looks like a big disaster of a season. let's hope that's not what really happens.
the after discussion
the previews brought up an interesting discussion about the meaning of sex. do people see it as a big deal that kaitlyn had sex with one of the guys earlier than the fantasy suite? are they freaking out because of what she did or because it wasn't with them? 

what are your thoughts so far? looks like we're in for some man drama.

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