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Thursday, May 28, 2015

phone dump

when i upgraded to the iphone 6, i didn't really consider getting the 64 g. i could seriously kick myself. i am always out of storage and constantly deleting pictures for more space. there are just a few pictures i can't seem to get rid of even though they are backed up.

with my sister's kids in california

my sister and i went shopping and forgot the stroller so i put kyler in my purse. we still laugh about it
we probably took 50 pictures to get this shot
the finish line of my 10th marathon. it was so hard and such a huge accomplishment
one of my fave jumping pictures from times square
if i'm going to keep this picture from running last summer, i should at least edit to just the shoes
with my sisters
karlee expected me to come back from hawaii dressed in a grass skirt so i bought her a little hula outfit.
this speaks for itself

i also have pictures from a few trips that i just can't seem to delete. i probably need to just clear them all so i actually have some room on my phone.

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  1. 10th marathon?! Holy smokes! GO YOU!
    My birthday is November 1st. I usually get forgot thanks to Halloween and the upcoming holidays. It didn't help that I had Connor on 10/30 so now, it's all about him and I'm just chump change!


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