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Thursday, May 14, 2015

cuatro bonitas X the border

***this trip was provided by seaside reservations***

who: laurann(we've been friends for years but I always refer to her as the friend with the waffle business), co-worker tiffany and her roommate sage, and me
what: road trip/tanning trip
when: a couple of weeks ago
where: rocky point, mexico princesa de peñasco resort
why: why not?!?
how: 4 beauties load up the car and cross the border

it took some creativity and more time than expected to pack all our stuff. we left after work and drove to Las Vegas. 
but first #letmetakeaselfie
we stopped long enough to take a few pictures
sage, tiffany, me, laurann
we made really good time. crossing the border was the easiest thing ever. we got to rocky point pretty easily. once we got there, we got totally stuck in construction. we had no idea which direction we needed to go, and there were no signs. we drive around in circles for a couple of hours before giving in and turning on a phone. once we did that, we got right there and agreed it was worth however much the international data costs to get us there. we fell in love the second we looked out the window. 
by the time we finally got there, we were exhausted. we found a place close by for dinner and went to bed. 
the resort was so quiet our first day. we couldn't wait to get outside and start relaxing. 

we spent our days relaxing by the pool. we read books and magazines, ordered lunch poolside, and soaked up the sun. it was heaven. 
dinner at wrecked

i love being close to the beach, but i'm much more of a pool girl. we walked on the beach at night and went down for a few pictures and drinks on the beach but spent most of the time at the pool. 
they made our drinks and kept handing us more and more cups. the full pineapple was more than plenty. needless to say, we (especially sage) had a stomachache. 
another selfie before dinner
it was so windy our last night
we're a little obsessed with flash tattoos
another car selfie
for dinner we drove down a long dirt road close to the resort. we joked about going to Kuwait for dinner even though it was fairly close. we were so busy having fun we didn't pay attention to the small detail of the mayweather/pacman fight. everything was totally packed so we ended back at the resort for our last dinner. 
at the beach for some pictures
sage can do a headstand anywhere. i'm a little jealous. 
continuing the statement necklace trend
the resort

we got up early sunday morning and drove all the way home. it was a long drive but totally worth it. i would for sure go again anytime. crossing the border on the way home was so easy too. going early in the morning really helped. 
tiffany and i wanted to walk around work the monday after the trip with a sign
1. yes we're tan
2. we drove. you have to drive there.
3. it was so much fun and we can't wait to go back
because we got those comments/questions
***this post is sponsored by seaside rentals. all opinions are my own***


  1. Oh my those pictures are adorable! I love them! Looks ya'll had so much fun!

  2. SO MUCH FUN!! I can't wait to go again!

  3. Looks like an amazing trip! I'm totally more of a pool girl too, I think that's part of the reason we haven't ventured down south yet. Every time I shovelled snow this winter though I told myself that we're doing it next year!

  4. So awesome! This looks like an amazing girls getaway! You can't be sun, sand, friends, and drinks! So jealous!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. This looks like a ton of fun! That pineapple is so full of garnishes, I had to laugh a little!


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