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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

blogging the bach 11.3

who's watching: celsey, her sister in law amanda, amanda's roommate alexis and friend megan
we had a little issue with the DVR and missed the first hour so the blog is missing a little this week. what did we miss?
one on one with ben z
what i saw
the DVR started recording in the middle of the scary part of the date
lots of creepy/yucky stuff
what i heard
"i would have cried"--amanda
why is this different than a haunted house?--alexis
isn't this the date she planned?--megan
lots of screaming girls-we were so grossed out
he's definitely the guy i'm most attracted to, but he also looks like he might be... a little dumb--alexis and megan
is the bachelor getting poor? not a built in?--cel about the hot tub
what i thought
such a weird date
kaitlyn really likes ben z
group date-let's learn to love
what i saw
super uncomfortable and awkward date
what i heard
they have to be child actors--megan
this is so scripted it's ridiculous--alexis
amanda is pretty much in love with ben h. most of her comments aren't appropriate for the blog
i want to punch your eye not because it's hot but because i hate you--megan about jared
he's wearing a cardigan from american eagle in 2009--amanda
what i thought
the day part of the date was so awful. the bachelor needs to come up with some new ideas or repeat old ideas of something. these days are no good.
kaitlyn likes all the boys
cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw
clint pretending like he wants to stay so he can spend more time with jj-this is so much crazy
what i heard
we're all so shocked about what's going on that no one says anything
what i thought
don't be a tattle tale. it never goes well. except this time maybe it's going to work.

WHY DO THEY KEEP ENDING BEFORE THE ROSE CEREMONY?!? we are all so mad about it. i'm not generally a fan of spoilers, but this is about to make me look them up.
word tally didn't happen this week since i missed the first half.
what happened in the first half? what do you think is really going on with clint and jj?


  1. I love the way you recap! I don't want the show but since I watch GMA, I am aware of a lot going on. The what I saw vs. what I heard is a cute format.

  2. I was thinking last night that you should count the phrase "that being said" I swear it comes up so often, and I don't think I've ever used it in my daily life! hahaha

  3. I generally don't watch this show. I think I stopped during an Ashley seasons after too many "town" dates where they walk around a town and I am bored to tears. HOWEVER! I was in a lot of pain last night (read as, couldn't get up to get the remote control and change the channel). The date with Ben Z. (??) was planned for her. She didn't know what they were doing or who they were going with. You're welcome for the clarification. And yes, the show ended before the rose ceremony.

  4. So in the first hour, you didn't miss much as it was sooooo boring, except that the healer left {thank god...if I had to hear his dumb monotonous voice anymore, I swear I was going to kick the T} and one guys balls were hanging out of his sumo getup. But what about Clint and JJ?! That whole thing seems so weird to me... like, he wanted to use Kaitlyn to stay and hang with JJ? And does JJ have feelings for him, too? So many unanswered questions, ABC!! I can't stand these cliff hangers!

  5. Ben Z is my favorite so far!! I think JJ just needs to get lost, he adds so much drama to this already dramatic season. You missed Tony throwing a fit and leaving, no biggie!!

  6. What is going on this season! What is the deal with Clint? Everyone is freaking out already (Coupa, JJ, Clint, Tony) and it's so early in the season! I get the vibe that Kaitlyn likes being on TV and kissing guys than actually finding love.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. The Big Dawg told me if it were us in that scary room he would have just locked me in the cage and done the clues himself. I couldn't handle it, there's NO WAY, he would have been totally on his own hahahah!


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