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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

blogging the bach 11.5

megan and i are back for another week of blogging the bach. i say this every week, but the to be continued situation this season is on my nerves. it kind of makes me forget what even happened last week. the rose ceremonies seem to take up 1/2 the show.

who's and sage

not a date
what i saw
boys sitting around
what i heard
nick wants respect (he said so multiple times)
what shirt is he wearing? it looks like he stole it from his niece.--sage about nick
what i thought
no one really likes nick except kaitlyn

cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw
kaitlyn expects all the guys to be fine with nick, and they're obviously not
what i heard
just think..soon someone will get a home run with her--tiff
nice bracelets nick. did you get those at friendship camp?--tiff
is it opposite day?--tiff
what i thought
she obviously was going to keep nick
shawn is mad and probably said too much. hopefully his pretty face can save him.

date #1..ben h let's take our love one step at a time
what i saw
poor ben h is struggling with the dancing
what i heard
it's never a good sign when they have to interview the locals--tiff
what i thought
does anyone know exactly what they were talking about? it seemed like a bunch of circles. whatever he said or didn't say made her happy.

date #2..justin, jared, ian, chris, tanner, joe, jj, ben z, joshua, nick..i love a man in uniform
what i saw
ridiculous outfits
i'm so embarrassed for some of these guys
what i heard
this is like fear factor--sage
he could really go for a haircut--tiff he could go for a stylist--sage about nick
he's a fruit fly. you just want to swat at it and squish it--sage about nick
i'm uncomfortable again--tiff
what i thought
i don't really have any better ideas, but the competitions this season are no bueno.
nick totally has a leg up because he knows what kind of shenanigans he can get away with.
i'm not even sure what to think about the haircut.
joshua needs to get over it with nick. talking to the girl about another guy never goes well.
kaitlyn is really starting to frustrate me. joshua definitely was stupid for what he said, but she completely twisted his words. she likes drama, and i'm getting a little tired of it. maybe she and nick really are a good fit for each other.

date #3..shawn
what i saw
ryan gosling with a matthew mcconaughey voice
what i heard
the first falling in love
lots of talk about roses
what i thought
we don't usually find out in week 5 who the final rose goes to. i doubt it will be shawn in the end.
shawn for bachelor

word tally (according to sage)

what did you think this week? will shawn get the final rose? who is going home this week? i can't wait to see what megan has to say.
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  1. I think she really likes Shawn! He totally looks like Ryan Gosling!!! But I agree... I think they try to steer us away from who she picks, so it's more surprising. He would be too obvious a choice now... We'll have to see!

    Parenthood Moments (

  2. Thank you for sharing , will have to look into this.

  3. Did you hear that she posted a picture on Snapchat of her with one of the guys from the show and immediately deleted it or something? I caught the tail end of the story on one of those entertainment news shows that was on my TV when I turned it on to watch last night. They were saying either she's still with him and accidentally gave that up, or the show is doing it for ratings and suspense, which totally wouldn't surprise me....

  4. @Amberly I saw that Snapchat was Shawn and Kaitlyn in bed together!! Crazy... I wonder who she is going to sleep with next week...I think Nick or Jared. This whole season makes my skin crawl! She is the worst Bachelorette ever, which makes for great tv lol! Great recap!

  5. I seriously said " He looks just like Ryan Gosling but sounds like Matthew Mcconaughey!" Haha

  6. I couldn't even watch it this week - I was so annoyed with her last week! I'm so mad she let Nick back on - he clearly just is seeking fame!

  7. She is going to keep nick around but honestly I'm not sure why she doesn't just pick shawn and end the whole thing! Ha!

  8. I want to believe it's not him either because I want to see him as the next bachelor but I think it's true. Appearently it was a video on snapchat and you can't upload videos to snapchat you have to take them in time? I don't know because I don't have it but that's what one article I read was saying. It was some safe house visit or something. Idk but I definitely it's nice she hooks up with. I think this was his plan all along! I don't trust him!


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