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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

blogging the bach 11.7

i went to a baseball game last night so i didn't think i would watch until later. i got home from the baseball game, and my roommates had people over to watch. i got tweets and texts and snaps the whole game about the show this week. before i even started, i heard i was going to be bugged.
who's watching...roommates adrienne, mallory, and amanda, amanda's sister and brother in law, her parents, and another friend jeff

we start out where we left off last week...shawn is upset, kaitlyn is crying again
what i saw
shawn's a mess. kaitlyn makes out because that's what she does.
after the 2 on 1 shawn is back for round 2 or maybe 3. who even knows?!?
what i heard
shawn thinks he heard that he's the one. did he really hear that? apparently it was off camera so we have no idea.
he's going to go in there and nick's going to be in there--sister about shawn is in the hall again
who is this guy? he's the emotional hot guy--jeff
what i thought
kaitlyn probably should have told shawn about nick. they're all going to find out eventually right?!? we all know nick has a big mouth so...
i still really like shawn, but he needs to pull it together and fast.

date #1...2 on 1-JJ and Joe
what i saw
is there anything to see besides awkwardness? the 2 on 1 would be awful
what i heard
they have to have roommates? that's terrible--mom
how can she remember how she felt?--sister
how could he be falling in love with her?--sister about joe
she says i don't know a lot--brother in law
for once jj is classy--sister
what i thought
i'm not even a little sad that jj is gone. i'm kind of surprised she didn't send them both home.

cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw
ben z finally got more air time
awkward convo with ben h
shawn sweating bullets at the rose ceremony
what i heard
kaitlyn falling in love is boring--mom
the bachelors are a lot nicer than the bachelorette--mom
turns out i'm awkward when there aren't cameras around. don't you want to fall in love with me?--sister about kaitlyn
this is the slowest season--sister
she talks too much. and kisses--mom
they must be running out of content or something. even though they have millions of hours--brother in law
whoever she chooses, it's not going to last--mom
this is where he wins over all the girls in america--brother in law about ben z
what i thought
i can't believe she kept cupcake over ben z
ben z is headed to bachelor in paradise unless he already has a girlfriend. every girl in america wants to date him now.

what i saw
ireland is beautiful. i suddenly want to go there
what i heard
i want to go to the blarney stone--amanda
how many people have kissed that..eeww--mom
i knew i was doing those road trips wrong--jeff 
chris harrison is just so wise--adrienne
what i thought
chris h comes in after the date and we all wonder what's going on. they're mixing things up this season, and it kind of seems like they've been dragging things out to hurry up and rush it all of a sudden.

one on one with chris
what i saw
remember all the scarves from andi's season?!? they're back
kaitlyn is a mess. chris is a mess. everyone this season is a mess.
what i heard
she doesn't like him--amanda and then jeff
do they tell them what to say--jeff and then he recites all the standard lines
he's going to have to wait there for days until another helicopter comes--mom
i bet cupcake's on bachelor in paradise--adrienne
he's going to hate himself when he sees this--adrienne
they probably told him to act like that--mom
what i thought
i was a little surprised chris made it this long

final quotes
well, they roped me for next week--jeff
doesn't every guy know how to drive a standard--mom

no word tally this week
i still hate the format, but i do like the idea of fantasy suites before hometowns. i wonder if this will be a permanent change. what did you think of this week? who else is going home? i predict either nick or joe.

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