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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

blogging the bach 11.4

this whole to be continued situation this season is driving me completely crazy. it needs to stop,right now!
who's watching: celsey, sister in law amanda and friend megan. celsey's husband shawn joined us towards the end.
cocktail party/no rose ceremony
what i saw
jj and clint practically mouth to mouth while bleep bleep bleep to each other
what i heard
she always looks a little fake baked to me--megan
the issue is you like men--cel about clint
that's my goal to say too racy of comments so that you can't put it on the blog--megan after a racy comment
so, how far into this show are you?--shawn when he realized we're only a few minutes in
the fact that he has to clarify that..he's convincing himself--amanda about jj saying he's looking for a girlfriend
what i thought
she kept jj? is she serious?

date #1...jonathan, justin, ben z, corey, ryan, tanner, jj, shawn..let's keep our love fresh
what i saw
ashley i and nick in the audience
what i heard
i can't think of anything other than you taking a shower--cel after someone suggested taking a shower as a date
she makes them do the most stressful things--megan
i'm so upset about this--cel about nick
he could have met her if he wanted. he just wanted to wait until the show--amanda about nick
wow, he finished that drink--amanda about shawn downing his drink
she's the princess. she gets what she wants--amanda
eeeww he's the biggest d bag--cel
woof, he's the worst--megan
he looks like a combo of a chucky doll and a cherub--megan
if he had red hair, that would be spot on--cel
what i thought
she wasted all her time on the group date with nick. he is a dirt bag, and if she wants him, that is just ridiculous. nick waiting to show up on week 4 is another dirt bag move.

date #2..jared..let's re-imagine the night we first met
what i saw
kaitlyn got caught in the rain. poor girl.
jared looks better clean cut.
what i heard
is she channeling sharlene? all her dresses are low front low back--cel
i hate the rhymers--cel
what i thought
it's kind of terrible that she wants to talk about nick while on a date with someone else
they're bringing out the helicopters. this is serious.
kaitlyn really likes jared.

date #3..ian, chris, joe, joshua, ben h..let's play
what i saw
so much awkwardness
boys that have no idea what they're doing
what i heard
all the dates are performances--amanda
he's not mocking it, he's terrible--megan about chris
i would rather watch it than be on for 10 seconds--megan
i had no idea she's into this. she's a hip hop dancer--amanda
you were perfect. you stood like a log out there--cel
starring his cheek bones--megan
that's talent? he's banging on freaking buckets--shawn about the comments about NYC being full of talent
what i thought
not loving the dates this season
i thought i was going to like chris, but this definitely changed my mind

word tally

no rose ceremonies at the end of the episode are killing me this season. there's no closure. i hope this doesn't continue for future seasons.

usually by this point i predict my final four. it feels like we haven't seen enough interactions with kaitlyn and the guys to really know for sure. my predictions are
ben z

what are your thoughts this season? who is going to make it to hometowns?

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  1. Interesting Blog! Great Job!!!

  2. Wait, no rose ceremony??? I need to watch last night's show obviously... Hopefully I can do that tonight or tomorrow.

  3. This season is blowing my mind! I seriously am so upset that she let Nick stay at the house! She is just making me so mad. And I love Joe, and Josh and Ben Z.! Basically all the country men! :)

  4. I'm not watching, but I still love these recaps!

  5. I'm not watching, but I still love these recaps!

  6. Megan's racy comments were HILARIOUS last night...I'm still laughing! If only it could go on the blog...and we knew how the H to spell it!

  7. Love the new look of the blog!!

  8. I loved Kaitlyn until the bachelorette! Now I don't think she's very smart - yeah how can she still not see through JJ and bringing Nick on? He's definitely just seeking fame and it's so obvious it hurts! I find myself now wishing Britt was the bachelorette...

  9. If you love this show, I think you'll like the series UnReal on Lifetime.

  10. I'm so over Kaitlyn as the B. She is horrible and very unlikable. I was really happy when she beat Britt but I almost feel like Britt would have treated the men better. K is always saying she doesn't know what to do....drives me crazy!! I just want her to focus on the men she has and stop focusing on what could have been. She shouldn't have gone on the show if she was developing feelings for Nick beforehand. Ugh...and what's up with the endings? Not cool, ABC, not cool at all. Until next week...


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