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Thursday, June 25, 2015

denim quilt

a whole lot of years ago i started saving and cutting out denim to make a denim quilt someday. i needed some uniformity, but i decided to make varying sized blocks which made the sewing a little tricky but also covered some mistakes. i cut and cut and cut for several years and finally had enough variation of squares to make the quilt. i bought a sewing machine for the purpose of making this quilt and learned to sew. i don't recommend a denim quilt as a beginner sewing project, but i don't usually do things the easy way. i learned a lot of about sewing and finally got all the denim sewn together. it sat for a few more years before i finally decided what to do with the other side.

i knew i didn't want flannel, and i wanted it to match the funky denim side. i picked out my fabric, and it sat. i finally cut all the squares, and it sat. i finally sewed the back together, and it sat. when chocolate dipped quilts opened a few years ago, i won a quilting giveaway so no more sitting. logan did the best job. she used pink thread to quilt, and i absolutely love the way it turned out.

the quilt has been finished for a couple of years, and it has still been sitting...until last week when i finally used it for the first time. it was so much work i have been a little scared to use it. does that ever happen to you? are you afraid to use your nice things? i'm going to a baseball game next week, and i might just use it again.
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  1. So cute!!! For a minute I thought you were going to tell us you did it yourself and I was going to ask you to teach me haha

  2. Love it! Actually, my mom loves country-style quilts, and made Justin and I a denim country-style quilt with our initials on it as a wedding present. We LOVE it!

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  4. I absolutely love it!!! This is a great idea for my next quilt.


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