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Thursday, June 4, 2015

unicorn/mermaid print

when we were in mexico, we had a funny conversation started by sage about being a unicorn or maybe a mermaid. it quite possibly is one of those you had to be there situations. since her birthday was soon after we got back from our trip, i decided to make a print for sage from that convo.
i love the personal touch of homemade gifts, and i love them even more when they are easy. i had the idea to make this on sunday night before the birthday 11:30pm. i promise it was super easy.

 1. create print in pic monkey or your favorite software
2. print 4x6 and cut to size
3. trace wooden frame ($1 at Michaels) on glitter paper and cut out
4. glue glitter paper to frame
5. frame the print
6. punch decorative circles and attach to frame with glue dots to embellish
i was so excited to give sage her birthday gift, and she loved it.

i will definitely be making this gift again soon.

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  1. What a sweet gift! And I love that blue glitter paper, it totally says mermaid to me.


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