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Thursday, June 11, 2015

HBLL reunites

i started working at the library my sophomore year of college. it was a great place to work. i learned where everything was in the library. i learned how to use the library. i learned how to study at the library. the greatest thing about my college library job is i met the best friends.
we met for lunch last weekend and didn't skip a beat. it's like we see each other all the time. we could have stayed all day long. i love these girls and the college memories we share.

what was your college job? do you still keep in touch with the people you worked with?
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  1. I worked in the Library my first year of college and I was a computer help desk person.. it was so fun. I worked by myself so I didn't really make friends but I was able to choose my hours and when I wanted to work them. It was so nice!


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