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Monday, June 22, 2015

weekend happs...sleepover

ever since our trip to mexico, we've been planning a sleepover. we had so much fun on our trip, and we didn't want the fun to end. we talked and talked and talked about it, and it finally came. we had so much fun, and like the mexico trip, we didn't want it to end.
we started out with dinner at goodwood. 
after dinner we went to menchie's for frozen yogurt. the place was crazy busy. we sat outside and talked and laughed. it was the perfect summer night and we were all so happy.
by the time we got back to tiffany and sage's house, we were pretty tired. we stayed up and talked for a while, but everyone was pretty ready for bed. laurann brought us all new statement necklaces from texas. mine is zebra striped so i put it on for a stripes on stripes on stripes picture. 
i got up saturday morning and went running. we ran a different direction on a familiar trail, and i loved it so much. i get bored doing the same thing all the time so the change was great for me. 
i came back to the house, and laurann made waffles for breakfast. perks of having a friend that own a waffle company.

we spent the rest of the day at the pool. the weather was perfect-hot and sunny. 

we went to dinner, and they all went to a movie. 

we joked that sleepovers aren't just for kids, but really we had so much fun. some people really like to live alone and have their alone time, but i really love being around my friends all of the time. even though i was only 20 minutes from home, it was the perfect overnight getaway.

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