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Friday, March 4, 2016

5 little confessions

a couple of years ago i did a monthly collaboration with some of my blogger friends-5 little confessions. i'm a pretty open book, but i always seemed to have something to say. imagine that:) i like to bring it back every once in a while.

1. i LOVE this blog so much, but things have been coasting around here lately. i LOVE to post and stick to a schedule, but sometimes i just need to sleep.

2. i only wash my hair once a week, but i shave my legs every day.

3. i keep my nails painted basically all the time. i don't like naked nails at all. my nails were so bad last week. i took the polish off but ran out of time to paint them before i went to take pictures with bonnie. luckily there weren't many hand shots, but i definitely had naked nails. i did however have time for false eyelashes and hair extensions.

4. i'm supposed to review a book in less than a week. i'm pretty sure i downloaded it on my phone, but i haven't even looked at it yet. looks like i know what i'll be doing this weekend.

5. i met some people for a super early breakfast and workout this morning. i usually go to the gym with no makeup straight out of bed. i knew we would be taking a ton of pictures so i got up in the early 4s this morning to put on a little makeup. i expect a lot of teasing about it, but i feel better about myself.

let's hear it. what do you have to confess?

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  1. I wish I could get away with only washing my hair once a week. You have fabulous hair though, so it makes sense ;) I would never guess that you only wash it once a week. I wash my hair almost daily and shave my legs....once a week... most of the time.... ;)


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