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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

blogging the bach 20.9

i really really love the bachelor, but by this point every single season i am pretty ready for it to end. 
who's watching: celsey, alicia and adam, amanda, lacey

what i saw
ben and caila awkwardly sitting there not talking
a lot of awkwardness
what i heard
it literally looks like huckleberry finn--amanda
when in doubt..cel
i'm back in my right mood because all i want to do is makeout--lacey
i really love the bach, but i'm bored--cel
all they need is a good 'ol fashioned boink--amanda
what i thought
ben says he knows caila would be a great wife. really?
i don't see it with these two. 

lauren b
what i saw
ben in some shorty shorts-not the best look
what i heard
my comment last week about the short shorts and thick thighs still stands--cel
let's stop pretend like we're eating this food--alicia
it's really private with only 3 camera men and 7 producers--amanda
i love how they leave the sound on--lacey i hate how they leave the sound on--cel
what i thought
ben is not the smartest telling lauren he loves her. things are going to get complicated

what i saw
jojo's reaction to ben saying he loves her was the cutest thing.
what i heard
that is covering the bare minimum. she's got a very small margin of error on that--alicia
that's the cutest thing i've ever seen--amanda
there's no hope for caila--lacey
is her swimsuit lingerie? i'm unsure--cel
obviously because you told 2 people that--alicia
he has to. polygamy isn't an option--amanda when i said what if he send one of the girls home that he said i love you to
until you have that ring on your finger, sleep in your makeup--cel
what i thought
she started calling him babe. shoot!

caila leaves/rose ceremony
what i saw
caila comes so excited to see ben, and it's the most awkward thing
both girls are pretty excited when they realize caila is gone.
what i heard
who he picks determines-he's either a boob man or he's not--cel
my feelings and your body--cel
what i thought
jojo is more confident than lauren. i think lauren is going to make herself too nervous and pull back. jojo is confident and completely committed.

tear tally-only 3 all caila
word tally
journey-0-apparently not a thing this season

what do you think is going to happen?

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