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Friday, March 18, 2016

blue or pink...what do you think?

gender reveals are one of my favorite crafts. i was so excited when brooke wanted to do a gender reveal for her twins. double the babies equals double the fun.

brooke called me with the idea of confetti pops. she gave me all the freedom to do basically whatever i wanted. i decided on gold to keep it very neutral. this was my first time making them, and i will definitely be making them again. 

push pops
gold spraypaint
tissue paper
washi tape
glue dots/double stick tape
1. spray paint push pops gold
2. fill with confetti
3. tape tissue paper over the top
4. wrap in cardstock-use glue dots and/or double stick tape to close wrap
5. cover both ends of push pop in washi tape

and now for the reveal...

blue or pink...what do you think???
a boy and a girl-i'm so excited!
these were so fun to make. huge thanks to celsey for the crafting help and brooke for the pictures. if you want to read her post, check it out here.
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  1. These are SO cute!!! I had no idea that they were that easy to make! I'm definitely pinning this for later... you know if I should decide to want a #2 or in case someone I know is having one!


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