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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

blogging the bach 20.10:women tell all

women tell all kind of depends on the season. it's not always my favorite of the season, but i kind of think we might see some good stuff tonight.
who's watching: celsey, alicia, amanda, and lacey

chit chat with the girls
what i saw
why is there a chicken there?
some of the girls look really good, and some...
what i heard
i hate when people we don't care about talk--cel
why did they lay off? she's about to blow--amanda
i'm really embarrassed watching this--lacey
what i thought
i don't really love the girls all attacking each other. i feel like i have to hide. i am also always confused why they spend so much time on people that left early. i wish girls could just say sorry and move on.

jubilee in the hotseat
what i saw
the replay of her time on the show makes me seriously wonder how she stayed on so long
what i heard
when she talks, it reminds me of shrek--alicia
he's just trying to make her cry and then she can leave--lacey
what i thought
this is clearly not the best show for jubilee

lace in the hotseat
what i saw
a tattoo or something of lace on some dude
what i heard
she's acting like she's coming back from recovery but we don't know what from--amanda
i drew a picture like that too in 10th grade art class--cel
what i thought
we all knew lace would end up on paradise

olivia in the hotseat
what i saw
olivia and her mouth
some seriously dark eye makeup
everyone is attacking her. she probably deserves it, but it is a little awkward
what i heard
she isn't wearing a peasant top. i can't believe it--cel about amanda
she was able to stir up just as much drama. nice work olivia--alicia
what i thought
if you are a severe introvert, i don't think the bachelor is the show for you.

caila in the hotseat
what i saw
caila looks like she's not totally over him. is that real?
what i heard
we got a little distracted and started chatting. basically we aren't watching anymore,
what i thought
i feel sad that she has to watch the replay of the season

ben in the hotseat
we mostly talked all the way through ben being in the hotseat. we're kind of over this season.
what i saw
becca being classy as always
what i heard
nothing-we were talking too much for anyone to say anything funny. mostly we were too busy laughing about amanda and her tinder experiences.
we were so bored at one point that we even started talking about politics.
what i thought
the bloopers were the best part of the whole show

tear tally-5
word tally

i like ben. he seems like a great person, but i am kind of over the season. i'm not sad that next week is the last week. what did you think about this week?

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