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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

beauty time tuesday

i wear a lot of ballet flats this time of year. it's not quite warm enough for sandals, but thankfully it's getting a little too warm for boots most days. they're perfect for the weather and perfect for my job. 
there is something that isn't so perfect. ballet flats make my feet sweaty-gross i know. a while ago i had the brilliant idea to try spray deodorant on my feet. it changed my life, and i just had to tell you.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love that you have sweaty ballet flat feet too! I never wear them because my feet make them so gross but spray deodorant to the rescue!

  2. Breast enlargement I wish I were a five minute face kind of girl, but when it comes to make-up for me, it's all or nothing - either I spend 25 minutes on the perfect eyeliner and layers of foundations, powders and creams, or I go make-up free! Mostly I'm make-up free to be honest, but I love to have pretty cases to store all of my products when they're not being used and that peach one is so lovely.


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