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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

blogging the bach 20.11:finale+after the final rose

i'm so excited to be in california, but i'm a little disappointed to be missing the finale with my regular crew.
who's watching:my mom has been watching the season, but she informed me earlier today she is only planning to watch the last 15 minutes or so. clearly she isn't as die hard as i am. watching on my own is much much less entertaining and fun than watching with my monday night crew. needless to say, i miss those people tonight.

since i'm not watching with my people, the format this week is completely different. we'll have a little recap+commentary. the word tally and tear tally aren't happening. i'm a little in and out. i've already heard amazing and love about 10 times each so i'm a little sad i'm not counting.

ben is scared he's going to make a mistake. he told 2 women he loves them. i'm pretty sure he already made a mistake.

ben tells his parents lauren has been waiting to meet them since their first date. (i forgot about that funny, awkward comment). i actually did meet one of my boyfriends' family on our first date. that's another awkward story for another day.

lauren asks ben's mom for advice for being with ben. smart move lauren.

lauren says she would marry ben tomorrow. according to chris harrison's intro it sounds like that's a very real possibility. but seriously, are they really having a wedding on after the final rose???

jojo is so nervous. i feel bad for the poor girl, but i would be the same. does she know lauren already met the parents? i wouldn't want to know.

jojo says you and i are on the same page. is that a question or a statement?

this could be their last date as boyfriend and girlfriend. does she remember he has another girlfriend?

lauren wants to know what ben is thinking about right now. i kind of think she might not want to know what he's thinking about right now.

my mom just walked in the room and said "i don't think it's her." i kind of agree with her. so many people think it's lauren, but i kind of don't.(edit-obviously we were both wrong)

ben keeps saying he loves lauren, but he hasn't said he is in love with her (or has he?) like he has jojo.

lauren says he is scared and terrified. from what we have seen so far, i think she has good reason to be scared. (edit-speaking of edits, they did a really good job with the edits on this episode. they totally had me thinking it was jojo)

ben tells lauren no matter what doesn't even matter what he says after that. that phrase is not good.

jojo definitely got some sun in jamaica. i'm jealous. i either need some sun or a spray tan asap!

ben has become jojo's best friend. if i was her friend in real life i would be a little sad, how can he be your best friend? i'm not saying he couldn't be eventually, but right now i just don't think so.

now ben's talking about jojo being his best friend. is it because they haven't seen or talked to any of their other friends for 2 months?

what can i even say about the conversation on the bathroom floor? my heart is breaking for jojo except this is the bachelor so there is the element of competition.

even when jojo got out first i still thought it was going to be her. i am so surprised. i really hope she's the next bachelorette.

ben calls lauren's dad and asks for permission-classy move ben

ben proposes. lauren says yes. this is the first time in a really long time that i haven't accidentally seen the spoilers before the end.

i am so happy jojo is the next bachelorette. she is going to be so fun to watch. i can't even wait.

celsey snapped me while watching and said this was the classiest after the final she's ever seen. i totally agree. everyone was so classy. the attempt to have a wedding in the last 5 minutes was a little weird,but other than that it was all really nice.

what did you think about the final night?

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  1. It's not quite as fun to watch in California because the spoilers are EVERYWHERE since the east coast and I think the central time zone has already watched. And I'm not even talking people you know, I'm talking got an email from US Weekly TOTALLY spoiling who the bachelorette was, not that I'm sad. I'm happy it's JoJo and not Caila! Overall though, regardless of spoilers, I enjoyed all THREE (!!) hours of the show last night!

  2. They really edited it to make it look like JoJo had a chance. It was so nerve wracking! I really love her, but totally fell in love with Ben and Lauren as a couple on ATFR. I love how both families are supporting their relationship. I think that will be helpful for them to make it work in the "real world". I wish them the best. And I'm super psyched that JoJo is the next Bachelorette! I think she will be so much fun to watch!

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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