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Monday, March 14, 2016

random on the wall

a few months ago i met a couple of girl friends at pizzeria limone for dinner. we haven't seen each other for a while so we had a lot to catch up on. while we were there a group of about 20+ single people came in-many of whom i have met a few times. i sat facing them and felt a little bit like a fly on the wall.

the group didn't come in all together. a few came in and then a few more and even some people on their own. everyone was excited to see everyone. the greetings were loud and happy and fun. the interactions between the males and females were pretty much what you would expect in a group-lots of laughing and hugging and joking around.

my friends and i sat talking about a couple of things-1. why aren't we over there with the group? and 2. why don't we want to be? my answer is pretty simple. that scene was my life 10 years ago. i traveled in a pack, met up with big groups, hung out with a lot of people all the time, and had the time of my life. i feel like that phase of my life is and should be over. i don't want to be right in the middle of that because that's not what i want in life. i want a husband and kids. don't get my wrong. i like to have fun just as much as anyone, but i don't necessarily want to relive my 20s.

it was interesting being on the outside essentially looking in. although i don't want to relive my 20s or go back to traveling in a big pack, i do need to meet new people. as fun as it is to go to dinner with friends, it is not getting me anywhere in the long run. so, where is the balance? how do i avoid slipping back into the life of my 20s and still meet new people? i'm open to suggestions. really i am.

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  1. Justin and I kind of experienced the same thing a few weeks ago when my younger sister and her boyfriend invited me and Justin to go see Divine Comedy on a double date. We used to love Divine Comedy in its hey day when we were in college. However, while there, it was still funny, but not the same when we were in college and we felt soooo much older and more mature than the "kids" there...even though they were only a few years younger than us!


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