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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

blogging the bach 9.10 {finale part 1}

i have been more tempted to read the spoilers this week than i ever have in my entire life. i didn't do it, but i really wanted to. the previews after the men tell all just about killed me.i have seriously been dying all week.  kimberly and i are back talking all things bachelor.
google image and basically the only thing that mattered in the whole show

we start off with a recap and i wonder why. we don't need to re live the season or the james biz yet again.

drew gets the explore the island date. it's never really a good sign. the bach/bachelorette never gives the explore the city date to their pick. drew is extremely confident, and i am more and more worried for him. he is more in love, and they kiss. a lot. i really feel like he is going to get his heart broken, and i'm really sad for him.

at this point antigua reminds me of my island trip back in may, and i really want to go back.
brooks goes to talk to his mom and sister. he is still all about the layers, but it's probably colder than cold in idaho so i don't blame him. i actually like his clothes and think he looks pretty cute. his poor mom looks worried...really worried. i keep feeling like we aren't getting the whole story. maybe i'm overanalyzing.

chris is up next, and i am so confused as to what was so amazing about his hometown. i thought it was weird. anyone else? they finally bust out the helicopter. where has this thing been all season? (besides the jersery shore date of course). chris is also very confident which translates to more poetry. i am seriously not even kidding for one second over the poetry. enough. it's also my bleachable moment for the week mostly because i am so sick of it. the fantasy suite talk is a little awks which is pretty norm for these two.

enter brooks. i think he's been my favorite this whole season. is it weird that i don't even know who my favorite is? brooks talks to chris, and i am once again worried. i start to wonder how in the world it happens that both people are "there" at the same time. i've been "there" before, and he's been "there" before, but i have obviously yet to be "there" with him (whoever he is) at the same time. feel free to chime in with some thoughts). chris tells brooks to "pull yourself together". good luck dude! i can never pull myself together.ever. the editing is KILLING me. for the first time this season i feel really imvested/obsessed with what is going on. i am legit sad for both of them. by this point in watching we caught up our DVR watching to what is airing live so i have to suffer through the commercials. 

this really is the breakup that won't end. i've been there before, and des is absolutely right when she says this sucks. it totally does. i started thinking maybe he wasn't really going to leave. i still have an itty bitty ounce of hope that maybe he comes back. 

to all of you who are married to amazing utah boys, disregard this next paragraph. this whole thing with brooks is classic utah dude. boy likes girl. girl might like boy a little more than boy likes girl at the moment. boy likes spending time with girl. boy loves many things about girl. boy can't commit because what if...
boy walks away from the most amazing thing he ever had
i know this certainly isn't the case for all dudes. plenty of utah dudes figured it out and got hitched, but i see this pattern over and over. brooks, do yourself a favor and don't take advice from your utah buddies.

the previews are KILLING me. i want to know right this minute what happens. i'm more tempted than ever to read the spoilers, but word on the street is they might not even be right. so...keep the spoilers out of here. kimberly and i tweeted a little throughout the show, but i still can't even wait to see what she has to say. go see for yourself.
word tally
love...102...i'm serious and not counting the song
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  1. So much of this episode was like watching someone's personal therapy sessions. And now I wish I would have used that line in my post :) Who knew I cared so much?!?!? Suddenly, I care. I think Brooks felt the same way.

  2. Seriously!!!!! I was dying during that part! I have been in the position a couple of times where a guys is breaking up with you but he cares about you so much and can't stand to see you hurting so after he rips out your heart and stomps on it, he so lovingly hands it back to you and cuddles and hugs you. WORST. THING. EVER.!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so mad at Brooks for her, and he just didn't get it, she kept telling him no and to just leave and he just couldn't because then his poor little heart was breaking and he realized what an idiot he was!
    And then I love how she says, "I love you" and he goes, "Oh, you do, I wish you would have said that earlier, that would have changed things." Isn't their a rule that the actual bachelor or bachelorette isn't allowed to say those three little words until the very end when they pick their person? So I love how she was all frustrated when she said, "I couldn't!" But um... she also had some code worked out for him where she could let him know that's what she was feeling without actually saying it. And he's the one who was being a pansy about it at the hometown date. I'm sure he regrets it.
    And seriously about the Utah guy thing, I've encountered that one a few too many times. And then I met my husband and he was forward and aggressive and jumped in with the "I love you and want you to be my girlfriend" three weeks after we started hanging out every day, and I wasn't quite sure what to do, I'd never seen a guy be so about not playing the game, it was nice and a little confusing and scary at the same time!
    Ok, that is all. I'm going to be so sad when this is over, I LOVE reading your recaps. But I love reading the rest of your blog too! ;) Hopefully we get to hang out at a blogger event soon!


  3. What was with the weird sounds in the background during dinner with Chris? Island bugs?
    Love reading your recap.

  4. This show is totally my guilty pleasure! I've been hooked since my roommates and I used to watch it in college many moons ago. I've never watched the spoilers but I was really tempted this week too! I don't get to see it until the day after it airs in the states so it's going to be really hard for me to avoid all social media next week until I'm able to watch it here!


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