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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

blogging the bach 9.7

kimberly and i have been taking turns being in california the past few weeks so we've been on a bit of a delayed scheduled around here. we're back now and ready to discuss the bach. 

wetpaint via google images

i usually leave the word tally to the end of the post, but it's just way too good this week. 
journey...6 (first by catherine "crazy freaking journey")
fairytale...1 (so suprised this isn't being said more. might be done with this word)
and the biggest, most overused word of the entire episode...
LOVE...70 ( i am not even kidding. 70 freaking times people) (everyone is in LOVE and everyone LOVEs everything)

now that we got that out of the way, let's get on with the show.
the previews made me think something big was going to happen, but as kimberly commented last week, it was basically about as exciting as them eating a sandwich. this season has been a bit of a struggle for me
catherine, lesley m, and jackie show up. this is by far my favorite part of the season so far. i was mildly obsessed with lesley m last season, and i really really love catherine and sean. 
my favorite line of that scene comes from catherine..."why is brooks wearing a tank top?"...good freaking question. not a fan of dudes and tanks.
also, i am happy to see the dudes finally acting like friends. despite all the smack talk, i'm assuming you really do have to make friends since you are stuck in a house for weeks together.

gets the first date of the week and also the 1st 2nd 1 on 1=good sign.
des pulls up in a smart car. i really want one of those for a commuter car...not kidding.
i'm majorly concerned about what brooks is wearing...more on this later.
this date left me feeling a little nervous for brooks...what in the world is in between like and love?!? also, most of the time brooks was talking i was wondering what the crap he was talking about. i really can't read what is going on with him...maybe that's the producer's point. they talk a lot about cloud 9 and being lost in the clouds. i'm feeling a little "lost in the clouds" myself.
major awks on this date, but apparently des didn't think so per her chat with chris harrison before the rose ceremony.

much more confidant
why are the dudes always spying on each other? feels creepy.
is michael in his underwear? or what?
i really like her question of how would your friends describe you. i have to remember that for the future.
des talks about independence. i get worried about that all the time. it's a hard balance for sure, and i don't think i am good at it at all.
the poetry is killing me. it's not my thing so i just don't get it, but clearly they LOVE it so whatevs
did des get extensions? yes, this is what i am thinking at this point/how into i am

confession...i already knew he went home a. i can't stay off twitter and b. duh
in comparison to the other dates, the walking the town date seems like a death sentence.
when michael says he has feelings for her i am really wondering how since he has spent so much time fighting.
we all knew he was a goner. for once in the entire season, he showed his mature side with his exit. i actually felt a little bad for the dude.

2 on 1
this date had nothing on emily and arie's hot racetrack date=i'm bored
a picnic in the middle of a racetrack seems like the perfect place to fall in love and apparently they are 
i can't draw to save my life so i thought zak's art was pretty cute.
more awks on this date

the rose ceremony was totally predictable which is fine by me. i like predictable.

i have totally neglected this the past couple of weeks, but it's back.
BLEACHABLE MOMENTS...all about fashion this week

 brooks and his cardi (we all know i LOVE a good cardi, but come on)
chris and his awful shoes...just don't...ever
brooks and the v neck at the rose ceremony...what the crap?

i can't wait to see what happens next week. i'm most excited to see what happens right here in salt lake city with brooks' home town. i also can't wait to see what kimberly has to say this week.

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  1. Oh Brooks, that sweater is seriously awful. I can't believe I didn't notice it, but I was too concerned about his use of the word "family". He can look so good, but so bad as well.

    And I missed Chris's shoes. And the sunglasses everyone seems to be talking about. I even watched it without my kids!


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