Sunday, July 28, 2013

graduation table

celsey, shawn, and alicia graduated from the university of utah back in may. somehow this party never got blogged. we have pretty much been planning the party ever since we met. we have been so excited for them to get done with school so we could have more time for cake, crafts, and whatever else. (we're still waiting for that to happen, but that's whole different topic). we were in charge of the dessert table and decided on a red, white, and black theme since they graduated from the U. true to form, we had minimal time throughout the week to work on anything. we ended up baking and baking and baking the night before the party. luckily we had a lot of help from basically all of celsey's family and shawn's sister with the cupcakes. we were so happy with the end result and everyone loved it.

here are some mini tutorials for the dessert table

homemade oreos & hot tamales with black ribbon
2. frost with cream cheese, buttercream, or your favorite frosting
3. roll in red sprinkles

 chocolate dipped marshmallows
 this seemed really easy to make BUT it wasn't
1. carefully put stick in marshmallow
2. dip in melted red dipping chocolate
3. roll in crushed oreo pie crust (much easier than crushing regular cookies)
4. turn upside down and hold for several seconds while it dries a little

 graduation caps
1.  make a tiny hole in the reese's cup with a toothpick and carefully insert stick (be careful not to shove it in or it will break)
2. set square of hershey's chocolate on top with a little frosting
3. use another dot of frosting on top of the square for the tassle (airhead extreme cut into small pieces) and a red hot
4. serve in styrofoam circle enhanced with ribbon

class rings
 ring pops (buy at the dollar store) in a vase with black ribbon

 pepperidge farms pirouline cookies

chocolate cupcakes with white buttercream frosting, red shimmer dust, and silver beads

planning and executing the party was so much fun. i'm definitely adding party planning to my list of things i'm dreaming about someday doing when i'm a stay at home.


  1. Super cute party! I love all the things that you made and yes, party planning would be an awesome dream for someday!

  2. Nicely arranged graduation table. I am planning a birthday party for my nephew at one of the awesome Chicago venues next month. Thinking of decorating the venue with colorful lighting and looking also for online theme cakes. Will finalize everything in a couple of days.


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