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Thursday, July 25, 2013

California Recap

i had the week of the 4th of july off work so i went down to california. i was really good about using my camera on the 4th and never pulled it out again. it's so much easier to use my phone. besides celebrating the 4th, we did a few other fun things.

chelsea, karlee, and i got pedicures. we thought karlee was just getting her nails painted, but they gave her the full pedicure...for the full price. lesson learned on that one, but it was still really fun.

we went swimming at night with glow sticks. the kids thought it was so cool. since i'm the favorite aunt (kidding...kind of), i just sent them a package with tons more. hopefully it gets there today so they can do it again.

we played in the yard (well mostly in the pool and the tramp, but the kids did play a little baseball with jeff).

chelsea and i did a few craft projects (actually jeff painted the numbers on this growth chart).

chelsea's making a gallery wall. i love all these fun colors. i keep forgetting to ask if she ever finished it.

as always i was super sad to leave. i looked out the window of the plane, and saw the most amazing sky. i would still rather have been playing with the kids than flying home, but it made me an itty bit happy to be on a plane.

i was really sad when they moved to california thinking i wouldn't be able to see them as much. so far i've been lucky enough to go to california twice besides the move and just booked another trip for september.

ps...if you saw my picture on instagram sunday night of my extremely chipped nails, you'll know i'm kind of a brand snob. i'm hanging out over at just jacq today talking all about it.


  1. Oooh, I love all of those fun colored frames for the gallery wall. I am almost done with mine, but the colors aren't that fun since its in our Fam Room!


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