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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

California {the end of the trip}

i got a little busy blogging about other things, and i totally neglected blogging about the 3rd and final leg of my trip almost 2 months ago...oops. since i use these posts as my scrapbook, please forgive me for playing a little catch up.
after spending a glorious 10 days in the virgin islands, i had to fly through LA to get home. since i was going there anyway, i decided to stop for a few days to visit chelsea and fam. the timing was perfect because it was also karson's 3rd birthday.
i left my hotel in st. thomas around 11:00am (which is 8:00am california time). we had to make an unplanned pit stop in puerto rico for gas which gave me 15 minutes from the time the plane hit the runway in boston until my flight to LA was supposed to board. i wasn't the happiest, but luckily it all worked out. i arrived at chelsea's house around 1:00am after a very long day of travel, but i was so excited to be there.
the kids were so excited i was there in the morning. karson's 3rd birthday was my first real day there, and we started the celebrating 1st thing. 
he opened a few presents
and had donuts(his favorite) for breakfast
kyler the little sneak had a little donut too. kid #3=less food restrictions
his favorite present might be the fire hat from ashley. he also liked the baseball set

pizza for his birthday dinner
since he didn't have a birthday party, he got to pick an activity and chose mini golf
the kids did pretty well getting the point of the whole thing

kyler mostly wanted to eat the ball which is super gross
i tend to be the photographer, but chelsea did snap a few action shots of all of us. mini golf is like bowling for me. i am either really good or really bad but mostly really bad.

karson requested a dog cake. since i knew i would be there i sent my lamb pan for chelsea to bake before i got there. i hurried and turned it into a dog in the sweltering hot afternoon. chocolate frosting is a bit of a pain to work with, and high temps make cake decorating almost impossible. it was a bit of a disast, but since it was just for family i didn't stress too much about it. karson loved it, and really that's all i care about. 

lest we bloggers be accused of only posting the good stuff, please disregard my terrible appearance. i look terrible in the picture, but in the spirit of being real i am posting it anyway.
karson and karlee loved blowing out the candles. i think we lit them at least 10 times.

karson's birthday was the most eventful part of the trip. we spent the next day playing with the kids and hanging out. the kids rode bikes in the evening. 

kyler thinks he is one of the big kids

my flight was the next afternoon. it was a quick trip, but i'm so glad i got to stop for a couple of days. i was really really sad for my trip to end but so happy i got to go.

PS...on the subject of California, i actually just went there again. since i was traveling home during the bach last night, blogging the bach is delayed until wednesday again this week.


  1. LOVE how the dog cake turned out!

  2. So precious! How awesome that you got to turn a layover into a trip of it's own.

  3. Looks like yall had a great trip :)


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