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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

blogging the bach 9.9 {men tell all}

typically the men tell all episode isn't really my fave. it is usually the week before the finale, and i am usually ready to know who she picks and move on. this time it was a week early, but i am still ready to know who she picks and move on with life. before the show started kimberly and  i were afraid the whole thing would be about how james and mikey are going to find tall beautiful women and go boating in chicago. i legit thought i might have to tell you all the lessons i learned the first time i went to chicago. luckily, i have plenty more to talk about (are we surprised?), but you can still read all about my chicago trip here.
we start off with the viewing parties. aside from monday night tradish (which has been pretty out the window this season) and watching with kimberly once, i have watched most of this season by myself (which is pretty lame by the way). i would way rather have a giant viewing party. i started thinking of all the bach people i would want to crash my viewing party. the list got pretty long. was anyone else confused how/why des wore the same outfit in the LA and NYC parties?
onto the talk about bad boys. i love these girls, and seeing them/what they wore was prob my fave part of the whole episode...well, juan pablo is also in the running. i seriously want to hangout with them. 
now onto the guys...does anyone remember 1/2 of these dudes? i still can't remember dan although i think he did have a comment or two.
brian made a good decision not to come. he would have been ripped apart by everyone (as he should be).
juan pablo seems to be one of the only ones who actually gets it. getting sent home doesn't mean you are a horrible person. it's just not meant to be. he was so mature about it. they seem to be prepping us for juan pablo to be the next bach. the recap from the season makes it seem like we did know about his daughter the whole time. where was i for all of this? the tweet about giving new meaning to soccer mom was perfect. he's super hot and just adorable. i vote juan pablo for next bachelor.
ben gets in the hot seat, and i honestly don't care what he has to say. i was happy when she sent him home, and i was happy when he got out of the hot seat.
james gets his turn in the hot seat, and i am scared. the whole james/mikey/kasey thing is a little much for me. talking about being the next bachelor is just dumb. at this point i really should have counted the use of the words integrity and character. emily maynard's tweet was my favorite "went to put ricki to bed...came back and they're STILL talking about this". amen sista...enough. i am also thinking someone in chicago (or anywhere else for that matter) needs to introduce me to tall successful men.
on a serious note (is that possible in the middle of a bach cap?), there was a lot of talk about plan B. i have tried to get that out of my vocabulary. plan A is what is happening right now, and it is what is supposed to happen. it might not be how i thought life would go, but it is how life is supposed to go.
onto zak...bless his little heart. he obvi hasn't found love YET, but i guarantee he will. he starts talking about being 31 and all his friends being married. i can totally relate. the same is true at 33.
des is up last and clearly watching the show has been enlightening to her. she's pretty irritated with several guys and rightfully so. although zak's song was a little awks, it was also a little cute. i am feeling pretty sentimental and emotional right now, and i really almost starting crying.
america got it right when they picked jonathan's fantasy suite entrance as the most bleachable moment from the whole season. i have to agree, and it seems like he does too.
i wasn't planning to count words tonight, but i changed my mind. i def might have missed a few.
right (or wrong) reason...6
i can't wait to see what kimberly has to say about this. i also can't wait to see what happens the next 2 weeks. chris harrison promised the most dramatic episode ever so we'll see.


  1. Oh Chris, he had to promise that for reals this time he actually meant it, it really is the most dramatic season finale. Chris, Chris, Chris, those words mean nothing in your mouth.

    We'll see.

  2. I will be watching either way, but I'm totally voting for Juan Pablo as the next bachelor, too. He's obviously a fan favorite and he's got a great story line for them to run wild with... the whole, single dad, misunderstood when trying to pronounce "yodeling" thing.

  3. I'm glad Jonathon realizes he was an idiot!! His face when they'd show all of his moments was classic, I loved it! And Zak's song was so amazing, I think he summed it up really nicely, holy cow. He should put it on Itunes, I'd totally buy it just because I'm a sucker for those broken hearted songs. I think that the next Bachelor is between Juan Pablo and Zak for sure. Those two are America's favorites, obviously!

  4. Oh, and the lights falling out of the trees in the bloopers? Hilarious!!!!!!!! And the porta potty thing was great too.

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