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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

blogging the bach 9.8 {hometown edition}

no one is in california this week so kimberly and i decided to resume our regulary scheduled bach caps. that was a great idea until i didn't start watching until almost 9:00 and spent the past 30+ minutes dealing with computer problems. enough with the complaints/excuses/blah blah blah. let's get down to business. 

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hometown #1...zak
i like zak. i really do, but i have never really liked zak for des. that stood out even more this week.
zak starts talking about some crazy dream he had. des says "i can't even follow it", and i'm wondering if anyone can follow it. i'm completely lost.
zak's family is the cutest. can we make his brother the next bachelor or just bring him to utah or something. such a cute little thing, and how adorbs was the sister?!?
the sister brings up the friend zone. i have a theory about that...
if a girl puts a guy in the friend zone, he can definitely get out.
if a guy puts a girl in the friend zone, she's done for. give it up now sista.
zak's sister is scared and doesn't want him to get hurt. i'm pretty scared for him at this point as well.
no comment on the family song except des had such a guilty this is sweet, but you're not sticking around look on her face.
lots of kissing. lots and lots of kissing.and kissing noises-my favorite
the whole scene with his sister just melts my little heart. i have such a special place in my heart for people with disabilities and that brother/sister relationship just about made me cry. so tender!
when des talks about things being effortless i feel surprised. this season feels like a huge effort to me.
i'm also a little distracted wondering how long the hometown dates actually last...
drew busts out like literally busts out the L word
holy awkward!
the last few weeks i have been pretty convinced she picks chris, but i am totally unsure now.
the baseball playing makes me think i NEED some sports lessons ASAP! i wish i like playing sports more than i do.
that whole eye love you biz was just too much for me.
i'm super confused why des copied zak's sketch idea from last weekend. pretty sure zak's not too happy about seeing that.
everything about the family part was awkward...everything.
based on all the sob stories/lack of i totally thought chris would have the most normal hometown. i was wrong. 
according to his mom good girl+good guy=magic. if that's all it takes, seems like i should be married by now. i'm a good girl, and i've met plenty of good guys over the years.
the opening scene had me all sorts of excited for this date. i live within a couple of miles of the park, and i go there all the time. one of my most favorite long runs ends at liberty. 
love love love the list of memorable moments. that is totally my kind of thing.
brooks is so happy to be with his family which is actually really cute.
des is definitely super into brooks. brooks seems to be getting there.
is anyone else confused why they are showing so much love talk about brooks? they never ever do that. it makes me think he probably isn't the one in the end, but who knows.
do i really even need to comment on the brother?!? 
best tweet of the night i want to "high five him. in the face. with a chair"-so true
the rose ceremony comes and we're left with 
chris...i was a titch worried about him
drew...i knew it.
poor zak is shocked. i am really really sad for him.
i changed a few of the tally words
journey...1 brooks
connection...1 also brooks
romance...3 not even brought up until chris
family (for kimberly)...44
i did forget to count in her chat with chris harrison so i might be off a little
and tonight's bleachable moment...
chris and his booger nose during his nose adjustment. i tried to find a picture and just couldn't.
we're down to the wire. who is your pick? brooks is still my #1. go find out what kimberly has to say.


  1. "when des talks about things being effortless i feel surprised. this season feels like a huge effort to me." This seriously made me laugh so hard!!!

    I missed pretty much the whole Liberty Park scene thanks to the blender being on, but I doubt I'll ever go back and watch it! I did see the list of moments she gave him. That was cute. What did you think about him showing up with a bottle (of wine?) to his mom's house?

  2. I am thinking Brooks has one this one, they have some great chemistry!

  3. Those nose thing was so gross! And I totally agree when Des was tearing up with the song at Zak's house, guilt tears of the impending rejection. That date made me want a snow cone though. lol

  4. I really like Zak, I think he's fun, but um yeah... the dream..... um..... I can honestly say that with each of the gusy, I feel like Des gets this, "I'm going to smile and be nice even though this is awkward" face on a lot of times. Like I'm not sure that she fells 100% connected or comfortable with any of the guys?


  5. I think Brooks is going to break her heart. I just don't believe he's feeling her as strongly as she is. I'm hoping for Drew, though I'm not convinced.

  6. Kimberly's mom here and I just have to comment and agree with you about the nose thing!!! Why in the heck would they show that on national television???? His dad could have done a regular adjustment!! So weird it grossed me out!!!


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