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Monday, July 15, 2013

random rambling {5 little confessions}

happy Monday! is that even a thing?!? I usually hate Sunday night because I'm dreading Monday morning, but I'm really trying to stop that. so, yes happy Monday!

it's been a while since I've done 5 little confessions so here you have it...

1. i got back from California a week ago and finally unpacked my suitcase last night. 
2. while unpacking i discovered i brought home my sister's shirt on accident. guess that's what happens when you have matchy matchy clothes. oops!
3. my life has been so unbalanced lately=less than no sleep=excuses to skip the gym. i can't do it anymore. i'm happy to report i got my little self to the gym this morning. 
4. speaking of the gym, i can't even remember the last time i lifted a weight. i'm blaming #100milesummer but it's more likely confession #3.
5. if i wasn't blogging the bach with Kimberly, i might give up on this season. i'm just not into it like i normally am. don't worry, i'm sticking it out. come back tomorrow for blogging the bach hometown edition. 

that's it for now. if you haven't already, go enter the 1500 trees project giveaway. hope you really do have a happy Monday!


  1. Seriously struggling with the Bachelorette this season. But only four more weeks to go! (that sounded like less in my head. . . )

  2. I always have to pack at least by the next day. I am crazy like that. ;)

  3. My sister once came back from vacation and afterward, lived a month out of her suitcase rather than unpack it.
    Our Fairy Tale

  4. Umm . . . our bags from 4th of July are still sitting on our bedroom floor. Seriously, if we don't unpack the day we get home, our bags will sit for weeks!


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