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Monday, July 1, 2013


view from my Saturday run

Is anyone else doing #100milesummer? How's it going? I'm proud to say I successfully ran 3x/week the past 2 weeks. Besides the obvious fashion fun of #may30x30, I discovered Carrie is also a runner. I'm over at her blog today talking about running. Come on over!


  1. Man, I miss running. I didn't run at the start of my pregnancy because I was too now I can't :-( I'm already planning a training schedule to get back into it!


  2. that view is beautiful!! i can't make myself run outdoes...i feel awkward,but I do run inside on the treadmill hahah...i'm starting up with running again :)

  3. that's funny I'm just the opposite of kat. I always run a lot in spring and fall when the weather is so beautiful. but now it's so hot.

  4. How in the world are you running in this heat? I bet you are up before the sun! Our walks have been put on pause until the heat breaks a bit.

  5. I try for 500 miles every year... This may be the first year where I may hit 600, yay me! :) Thanks for guest posting again!


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