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Sunday, July 7, 2013

churchy things {mountains to climb}

is it just me or is time flying at a rapid pace? i feel like it was just barely the first sunday in june. and here is is the first sunday of july which means a churchy post. back in april i talked a little about faith, and it is something that is definitely still on my mind. we all know bad things happen to good people. it's just part of life. i saw this video a couple of weeks ago, and really wanted to share it. 

mormon channel

no matter what bad things happen in life...death, accidents, failed marriages, job loss, premature babies, unmet expectations, disappointments, sadness, etc. there is always hope. hope is so connected with that faith i've been thinking so much about. the only way for me to really get through the tough times (whatever they may be) is to have that faith and hope that there is a higher power watching over us. like president eyring says in this video, if we can act on "a twig of faith", God gives us "angels on our left and on our right". even though this video makes me sad to think about all those bad things that happen to good people, it also gives me hope, hope that through faith we can endure all things.

i'm joining forces with a mouse in my kitchen. go check out her churchy post today.



  1. Beautiful video. I love how you do this. Maybe I will start. . . (and soon I'll be posting 7 days a week when I started out at THREE!)

  2. Loved the video, faith and hope is so important!


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